Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NaBloPoMo Is Over!

Today is thankfully the end of the NaBloPoMo Blog Challenge I deiced to do.  I think this is the first blog challenge I have finished that I started.  Most Monday's I do a Meaningful Monday, and I have started linking up for a Hey It's Okay Tuesdays but other than that I don't have a normal blog.  I had a ton to post about in Korea but now that I am home it was kind of nice to have some topics.

I am kind of sad it is over, but very happy at the same time.  I blogged everyday this month with the exception of one day and I really don't even remember what happened that day.  The last prompt that Blogher.com posted for this challenge is:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What did you learn from doing NaBloPoMo?

Simply the only things I really learned from this past month was that I can blog everyday, and that it really does take time but that if I stop and jot down thoughts as they come to me then sit down to post about it later it is not that bad.  For some reason when I sit down to post I can never think about what it was I wanted to say or how I wanted to say it.  I also learned that post are never going to be perfect and sometimes you just have to let go and post it.  I have so many drafts sitting around right now because I started them, kind of sort of said what I wanted to say, or just got the idea down but then never finished it because it's just not right (read perfect). 

I didn't always go with every prompt they had, some of them just didn't relate to me or really weren't interesting but others were things that I had so many thoughts about that well I am still working on them and can't wait to post them as soon as I finish with them (some of them are long and are more like books than post, full of memories).  It was nice to just have a topic every now and then when I just couldn't think of anything to blog about or my life was seeming just kind of dull and I didn't think anyone would care to read about it. 

I recently found out that they do NaBloPoMo every month over at Blogher and I have yet to decided if I am going to take part again or not.  I worry if I don't this poor blog will go back to getting updated every few weeks or often, but...well I really can't think of a reason not to other than the month of December is going to be quite busy, but when is life ever not busy?  I guess I will check in ever few days and see what the prompts are and if I want to do any of them but at the same time I wont stress if there is a day I can't post. 

Do you post everyday? Do you ever write your blogs in advance and then just schedule them to post? I started doing this and I love it, but then some days I some how get 2 or 3 post...oops!

On a side note I really don't know what to do with my profile on Blogher. Most day's I don't remember to go and post a link back to my blog, or ever update my profile, and it's anyone's guess as to if I will ever blog on blogher.


Anonymous said...

I usually draft my post in the evening, then proofread it and upload it in the morning. This helps me tweak my writing with fresh eyes, and maybe add more coherence. :-P Definitely learned I like doing that through this NaBlopoMo experience.

mauishopgirl said...

I generally post daily anyway. For several reasons...trying to gain new readers, improve my SEO and trying to learn wordpress, photo editing, etc. There is no better way to learn than by doing!

I had dreams of writing everything on the weekend and then scheduling but I find it difficult to do that. Not just from a time perspective but in terms of being inspired and focused. I also think about and take blog related notes daily (constantly!) though, every time I think of a line, product, design, food or other idea which could inspire a post. I also have a running to do list of admin things which I try to hit a few every week.

WhisperingWriter said...

I don't think I could post every day. I try to during the week but rarely on weekends.

Anonymous said...

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