Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Last 24

before turning 24.

I normally am not a huge fan of birthdays, I more or less freak out about getting older but turning 24 tomorrow really is not driving me crazy like past birthdays has. This is a really odd feeling for me, I mean am I now that age where you just kind of say forget you age and don't even really notice? I mean not that I noticed in past years, I never felt older....nothing magical ever happened to me.

So I spent the start of my last 24 hours before turning 24 out with a few friends drinking and catching up. I got to see an fellow DZ sister who had moved away to Buffalo and was back in town for a few days. I love how some friendships never seem to grow apart and when you see that old friend you fall right back into step with them almost and it is like nothing has ever changed.

Then I meet up with my good friend Chelsey for lunch at the all amazing Chipotle for a gourmet burrito. We caught up on life, she is crazy busy getting her MBA and a Pharmacy Degree so it is always nice to just get together and well laugh, joke, bitch, complain, and be girls. I have known Chelsey for years and it seems like no matter where life takes either of us the other one is back there watching just waiting to step in if life starts kicking just a little too hard.

Then it was home for a nap. Don't judge me I had a big night and am not use to being out past 11 or much less awake past 11 these days.

My afternoon was kind of dull but hey I'll take it.

Then Ryan and I headed over to dinner with one of his friends and his parents. After dinner his friend has us all do an American Heart Association first aid class. I learned a few new things and may of been a little scared of all the things that could happen to me by the end of the video.

Then it was home to bed and well that was it, nothing big but then again I really don't know what you’re supposed to do on your birthday eve and I really don't get how people have birthday weeks but that’s another story.

Anyways hope everyone has a great 11-11-11 tomorrow!


Steph said...

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

24 is a good age. At least you aren't 30. Ughh...

Hope it's a good one.

WhisperingWriter said...

Have a great birthday!

I love Chipotle.