Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11, 2011

So today is 11/11/11this means that I am a year older, it's Veterans Day, and that a ton of people are getting married, buying lottery tickets, and hitting the slot machines in Vegas because they think it is a magical day.

I sadly don't think there is going to be any magical moments going on today, I don't think I am going to get an amazing job offer, or that Ryan is going to drop down on one knee and ask to whisk me away to spend the rest of our lives in a fair tail (however it does come up in conversation and might happen one day…well minus the fair tail part), or that I am going to win the jackpot, and so on and so forth, but I do know that I get to spend the day with my mom, and then the evening with Ryan and my family and that sounds pretty great to me because last year I spent my birthday in Korea and it was great but not quite the same.

The NaBloPoMo Prompt for today was one I thought sounded kind of fun.

Prompt: It's 11/11/11, make three wishes.

1) For Ryan and I to both find jobs we enjoy, are good at, and can grow with.

2) For there to be a cure for cancer.

3) For people in this country to look at other cultures, study them, and see what we can do differently. For starters how the parents, not the school or community, raise their children, or how respect is taught at a young age, how education is cherished, how money is saved and not always spent, how family time is important, and so on and so forth. Living in Korea really opened up my eyes and I hope I get the chance to have the same opportunities in a few other countries one day.

Well those are my three wishes, nothing big but nice thoughts at least.

What would you wish for? Did anything special happen to you today?

Hope everyone had a magical day! I am off to hang out with my mom and soak up every minute of it!

And please don’t forget to thank a Veteran today for all that they have done and are doing for not just our country but also you. Even if you don’t agree with the war there are so many sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, friends, and so on away from those they love today.

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