Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Day's Of Happies

Happy Tuesday!

I am stuck between how in the world is it only Tuesday and how in the world is it already Tuesday?

Ok so it's almost been a week.....my bad.... I know but things are crazy around here right now and most likely will be through the end of the year.  I have still been trying to just jot down a "Happies" for the day so when I get a chance I can update my little corner of the internet.

Thursday the 10th - Opened my check to find that I got an extra little bump due to at 95% average on my monthly reviews. 

Friday the 11th - After work we headed over to my parents to enjoy an evening by the campfire enjoying a few drinks and conversation. Really I sometimes think if it was possible to laugh too much that my family would do it, but lucky for us you can't laugh to much.

Saturday the 12th - Once I was done working Ryan and I got to do a walk though with our parents of our soon to be house.  Then I got to enjoy and afternoon shopping trip with my parents followed up with some beers watching some football and enjoying wings.  Wrapped the night up with an amazing sushi date under the moon light up at the boat landing.  Really Saturday was just a day full of happies!

Sunday the 13th - Enjoyed another date under the moon light up at the boat dock.  Hey when I find something that makes me happy I make a note of it!

Monday the 14th - Felt yucky all day long and just wanted to come home and crawl in bed.  Came home and found that Ryan had gotten everything ready for dinner so I wouldn't have to do it, and watched a few episodes of the Twilight Zone with me.  Aww he is such a good man!

Tuesday the 15th - Well today has pretty much been a repeat of yesterday, but today's happies will just have to be that the Biggest Loser started again. Oh and I stopped by my parents house to pick up some of my fall like clothing and I got to sit down and talk to my dad over a piece of cake my mom had made. 

Yea some days have better happies than others but at the end of the day its just kind of nice to sit back and think of something that was good that day.  It is way too easy to just fall into "my life stinks," "life is hard," "life isn't fair," "other people are so lucky," and just so on and so forth but falling into those little pity parties does no good and just brings me down.  So everyday may not be great but everyday will at least have one good thing in it!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31 Day's of Happies!

Happy Wednesday!
We are almost half way done and it seems like lately I cannot get enough weekends with all that is going on.
Tuesday the 8th: I would have to say going to sleep.  Why? Well the people in the apartment above me felt the need to bang/drop/drag heavy stuff, hammer, saw, and play with a drill till after 2:30.  So bed could not come soon enough for me last night, I love my sleep!
Wednesday the 9th: It is my Saturday to work (work gives us 3 hours off the week before our weekend) so I get to skip out early today to do some shopping with my mom! Oh how I cant wait for a mother daughter afternoon!
Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, October 7, 2013

31 Day's of Happies!

So I am a few days behind (again) but I was enjoying my weekend and figured I could update today. So let's catch up.

Friday the 4th:
Friday was national taco, cinnamon roll, and vadka day but oddly none of those have anything to do with my Friday happier. Friday felt forever long and I might of been in super witch mood when I got home. So Ryan and I had a date night in with some Thai food takeout and The Great Gatsby. This time just cuddled up on the couch and logging out was a nice way to end a crazy week.

Saturday the 5th:
Well this whole day was just amazingly full of Happies! From the time I left with my mom to go to the farmers market, to lunch with Ryan's grandma, to an afternoon on the porch,to mountain drive with the top down to enjoy dinner at Lak Lure as the sun set.

Sunday the 6th:
I'm sure it sounds a little crazy but I would have to say vacuuming. My mom let me borrow her vacuum (because well mine is less than stellar) so I could do some major cat hair. control and it's just nice to know there is a little less of Mr. Kitty all over everything.

Monday the 7th:
Found the little thing that holds the Kcups. Oh the cup off coffee around noon was just the bost I needed on this rainy Monday. Sadly the little bigger was under some clean dishes drying, looks like I owe Mr. Kitty an apology for accusing him of being an evil mastermind.

And sadly now my lunch break is over.

What has made you happy today?

This Weekend I.....

And it's already Monday again....breath in, breath out......oh I am so not ready for this yet! Can I go back to yesterday morning? Anyways I have some things I want to take care of before work so here we ok:
This weekend I......
Wrapped up the week with some Thai takeout and the Great Gatsby. I have always loved the Great Gatsby and I didn't think it was bad, but I didn't quite love it either.  It was just not what I thought it would be.  I mean there was rap music in a movie about the 20s.  The Thai food on the other hand has been long missed!
Headed to the farmers market with mom to pick up a few things for upcoming meals this week.  Mom talked me in to a spaghetti squash and I am so excited to try to make a meal that my mom always makes in the fall.
Mom came up to the apartment to chat for a bit and play with Mr. Kitty before heading home.
Ryan and I stopped by my parents house to check out a wood pile Ryan will be splitting to see if he wanted to do it by hand or by machine.  He opted by hand and went ahead and started on it for a bit. Y'all I don't think I would make it as a lumber jack but I am so excited to have more fire wood for when/if things ever cool off around here.
We then headed over to his grandmothers to take her lunch and just chat.  I always love seeing his grandmother and just getting the chance to sit around and talk with her. The way she looks at Ryan with such pride just makes me smile and hearing her thoughts on the world today.
After a few hours at his grandmothers we headed back to my parents so Ryan could chop some more wood and I could enjoy some fresh air on the back deck.  It was in the high 80's and the sun felt so good.
We then headed up to Lake Lure for a dinner date and to watch the sun go down.
Woke up to find that Mr. Kitty is an evil mastermind and has hidden the little thing that holds the Kcups.  So no coffee, making for a lazier morning than I wanted to have.  I have looked everywhere for that thing and cannot find it.....really cat? Out of all the things to hide?
Did some cleaning and a little (VERY little, no where near what I wanted/needed to do) packing.
Ryan about died laughing when I got stuck in our apartment storage space. It is a loft space about 8 feet off the ground and there is really nothing to grab on to and pull yourself in.  So the later was almost high enough but not really.  Once we got me in and I handed the boxes out to him getting down was....ummm....fun.  With nothing to hold on to you kind of just have to lay facedown and back out and then pivot when you find the later.  Yea this doesn't work to well when you are laughing so hard you can't see and then you get dust in your mouth and nose so you start coughing.
Goofed off for a bit, did a sneak water attack on Ryan after he tickle attacked me.
Headed to Costco for lunch and to pick up a few things.
Stopped in to see Ryan's parents.
Headed in for a nice, long nap.
Cooked a batch of chili, and some taco meat for some meals later this week.
Had a lazy night watching some HGTV, doing wash and dishes. 
So yea that was the weekend, it was really so much more fun than it sounds!
How was your weekend?
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 Day's Of Happies!

Happy Thursday!
This morning when I woke up I thought it was Friday for probably the first 30 minutes or so before reality set in, and boy was it a hard one.  I mean how in the world is it ONLY Thursday?
I have seen people doing "31 Day's Of....." all around the blog world.  Some are doing "31 Things I Love" (over at A Complete Waste Of Makeup) someone else is doing "31 Day's of Kindness" (over at Brunch With Amber) and after a few days of thinking about it I decided that I want to "31 Day's Of Happies" and I know that is not a word but I like it better than happiness. Why I can't tell you but I do!
Why did I pick "31 Day's Of Happies"? Well there is a lot going on right now and most days it is just easy to say "wow I had a bad day" or "wow this week is killer" or whatever, I mean it is so much easier to look at the bad things that happened that day and share those with your friends and family than it is to share the good sometimes.  Sometimes it even seems like a contest to see who had the worst day/week.  So in order to keep from losing my mind over the next month as all kinds of things change, and all kinds of things happen.  Oh I am excited for some things to come, but stressing over others. 
So I might be a few days late but you know what they say "Better late than never right?" Or as Blanch from the Golden Girls would say:
only Blanche!
"31 Day's Of Happies"
October 1st:
Hands down today I would have to say some of the wonderful ladies I work with.  A vendor brought in pizza today for everyone and as I was getting pizza for other ladies in my department a coworker/friend asked if on my second trip (yes they all think I am a waitress) would stop by her desk to get her cup to refill it with tea.  Well as she was handing it to me it slipped, the ice and left over tea spilled all over the papers spread out on her desk, her keyboard, and her WHITE dress.  Being the amazing person she is, she just laughed it off as I scrambled around to clean it up. She just laughed and said, "Meg chill it's okay" and well she really meant it.  She made a joke about it but never got upset or mad like some people would of.  The fact that she can make a joke out of anything and just let things slide off her back like that are one of the many reasons I call her a friend (even outside of work).
October 2nd:
After stressing for the past day or two over the government shutdown it made me so happy to find out that it will not be affecting our FHA loan like we originally thought.  Y'all we have be in negotiations on 3 houses already, fell in love with some way outside our budget, and some that well needed some major work but were on the perfect lot! So I am still jumping up and down over this news that our loan will not be affected.
October 3rd (today):
Today started off tuff and has just been one of those "one foot in front of the other" days all day. For starters the cat ate/destroyed my omelet so we had a nice little show down that just left me upset. I was running late for work, callers all seemed to be having about the same kind of day I was, and it was just.....ahhh.  So what made me happy today? After work I stopped by my parents to drop off some ribbons for my mom and pick up my apartment key (I asked her to check on Mr. Kitty and maybe talk to him about his attitude) and as always they just made me laugh.  A laugh that I needed because y'all I felt like I was about fried.  And y'all it also makes me so happy to know my mom will drive across town to see my cat.  So even at the amazing age of 25, I sometimes still just need my mom to tell me that it will be ok! Well that and a hug!
So I am only 3 days in, but taking the time to stop and think about something good that happened that day, or something that made me smile/laugh/happy is just nice.  It really does put you in a better mood than when you are sitting there thinking of all the bad things that happened that day.  So maybe by the end of this month this will be a habit and something I just do naturally. 
What has made you happy today?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hey It's Okay

Happy Tuesday! Head over to Ambers blog and link up with what's okay with you!
Hey it's okay:
To be thankful it's already almost time for bed.

To be shocked that not only is it already October but that it was also 85 degrees today.

To wonder how someone can be so good at always playing the victim and what it must be like to never be at fault for anything that happens to them.

Ok to know that last comment was a little snide...sorry but true.

To have cooked all my meals ahead of time for the current week. Problem now is that it all sounded so yummy on Sunday when I made it all. However; seeing as how it's 85 outside beef stew just doesn't sound that great.

To be ready to have a grill, food off the grill is hard to beat. 

To know I should just go ahead and workout in the morning because otherwise I find every excuse not to when I get home from work....but sleep is so amazing y`all. Maybe I need to disable my snooze button, but then I might sleep through coffee and a shower before work and that is no good.

To keep thinking about starting a spending/budget/meal planning binder but then I somehow always find myself already at the middle of the month so I then just push it to next month. 
To be thinking of joining in on the 31 days of....well this that and the other.  I thought about doing 31 days of things that make me happy and listing off something that made me happy each day but really I am lucky to blog once a week right now.  So maybe, just  maybe but really doubtful and if I do it will start tomorrow.  
To be un amused by this whole government shut down. I have to go to work everyday to get paid, congress doesn't have to now?
And well not that we are going to end this and enjoy some wine before this turns into a rant.
Happy October!

Monday, September 30, 2013

This Weekend I.....

Lets get right to it and get on with the day!
Quick recap of the weekend with a "This Weekend I...." post.
After work I dragged Ryan out for a dinner date at one of our favorite places to get some ribs. Sadly I forgot it was Friday and they were packed out the door and down the side walk. So instead we grabbed takeout and watched some reruns ons the kindle.

Started the morning off with a trip to the farmers market and Ingles with my mom.
Mr. Kitty then went to the vet for a pedicure, as always he was super good/sweet only they were backed up and it was a madhouse!
Then I enjoyed and early lunch with my parents before taking a nice afternoon nap.
Spent the rest of the afternoon reading and just being lazy.
Headed out for a nice sunset booze cruse on the boat.
Photo: Date night!
Got a late start to the day and ended up going to the later service at church.
Got busy once I got in from church and got all the meals cooked for the week.
Went for a jog/walk, you know one of those jog some, walk some, jog some, walk some? Yea one of those.
Took at nap (love weekend naps), but sadly not a long enough one thanks to all the noise in this apartment.
Headed over to enjoy some grilled steak and shrimp (it was so amazingly good) with my parents and relax around a campfire. 
How was your weekend?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Weekly Update

You know for when you forget to hit post for both your post Monday and Tuesday? Yea and you feel crazy for going back and scheduling it to back date...yea that is what this blog is so lets just dump them all in to here and call it a day.

So here was Monday's post, or well the short of it:
This Weekend I......
Friday (the 20th was kind of my Friday the 14th):
  • Started the day by doing some wash, got halfway to work and realized I put the stuff in the dyer, cleaned out the lint thingy and then forgot to turn the dang thing on.
  • Then forgot my coffee, yea and I really could of used it.
  • Had one of those nothing goes right days at work, where I kept getting customers who just were not happy and I could not make them happy.  This really bothers me because I love to make my customers happy. 
  • Joined my parents for dinner and a campfire after work.
  • Wrapped up with the day with some wine and "Are You Afraid Of The Dark"
  • Got up early to go look at a few more houses, one of them I am pretty sure is the one.
  • Stopped at the Farmers Market to get some cinnamon buns for breakfast.  Ryan thinks I am nuts for going out of my way just for some cinnamon buns, but y'all I found some that I like better than the ones I had been getting.
  • Stopped by the store to pick up some onions to make some chicken chili.
  • Headed back to the apartment to search the internet for a few different things, clean up a bit and take a nap.
  • Once up I thought I would go ahead and get my jog for the C25K out of the way.
  • Chris came over and joined us for dinner, drinks, and some TV. Have you seen the show "Bad Ink" on A&E? It is quite amusing.
  • Wrapped up the night with the movie The Devil. It was an interesting movie about a few people stuck in the elevator with someone who was the devil. If you liked movies like The Village you really should check it out.   
  • Got up to late to go to the early church. 
  • Enjoyed a cinnamon roll (my Sunday morning tradition it seems) with some coffee and the cast of Married With Children. 
  • Figured it was just as good as anytime to get my workout in and did another day of C25K to make sure I was really ready to start week 5. 
  • Took a nap (it is one of my favorite parts of the weekend).
  • Headed to the lake for a bit to see if the new starter in the boat worked, and good news it does! No upper body workout for me : )
  • Headed in to just chill or a bit and catch the final episode of Dexter.  I don't even want to talk about it, I just don't agree with how they ended some stuff and I feel like it was kind of a quick fix to wrap things up.
Here is Tuesday's, or well yet again the short of it:

 Hey It's Okay:
  • To have things going on in life I am not ready to share here.
  • To workout sometimes just so I can have an extra glass of wine.
  • To be getting a little into Duck Dynasty, I mean really it is funny and they kind of just tell it like it is.
  • To be ready for my next day off, to bad its in November.
  • To want to meal plan but to hate doing dishes, how does that make sense? Well if you cook you have to wash dishes.
  • To be pretty sure Mr. Kitty is part lion or some sort of big cat, he is getting huge!
  • To wonder what some people are thinking.
  • To wonder how someone can be like "oh you lost 6 pounds by working out and eating better.....hum that never works for me". Y'all be proud I wanted to stay something sarcastic and mean but I held back.
  • To be very sarcastic, to the point where some people think I am nice.....yes some of those people are just a little slow, everyone else well to you I am being nice!
  • To be shocked anyone reads this blog anymore. Thanks to whoever y'all are!
  • Ummm to leave it at that till I am ready to share some more.
Go link up with Amber and share what's okay with you today! Or well at this point just wait till next week!

Here is today's post, well besides the above.
Today I start the Fit 4 Fall challenge.  In the last Sisterhood Of the Shrinking Jeans challenge I lost about 6 pounds.  This morning I was at 155.4, so 4% of that (if I can do math) is about 6.216 pounds. Lets just call it 6.5 pounds.  I think I can do that, I mean that is less than 2 pounds a week.  Easy right? Humm as I sit here and drink a glass of wine (76 calories per every 100 mil, and I am on maybe 4 mil....lets not do the math on that!)
So this week the challenge is to drink 1/2 my body weight in water. I got that and then some! Thankfully I love water and I have a job where I talk a lot so I have to drink a lot! Now if only my boss would stop giving me dirty looks every time I go to the bathroom....some days I want to say "hey I have a squirrel size bladder, be thankful we aren't on a road trip!"
Anyways that is about it for what's up....well for what I am sharing for now! Hope you are having a great week!

Oh and I almost forgot! Happy Hump Day!! Linking up with the Fitness Blondie today. Check out her blog it is a pretty good read.

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge Week 6

Yesterday was the last day of the Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge and I some how forgot it was even Wednesday.  Opps
Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge www.shrinkingjeans.net
So how did I do?
Up .2 for the week
Down 5.2 for the 6 week challenge.
Was that what I wanted?
Ennnn I was hoping for more of like 9 or 10 pounds, but then again I know weight loss is all about what you put into it.  I was out for a week with a stomach bug, I enjoyed a few last night drinks on the boat, over at my parents, down in Charleston, and you know what??
Booze has calories!
Yes I always knew this but dang if I didn't know how many!
The past 6 weeks went by so fast! There were so many more workouts on my to-do list than I did.  Looking back now at how much I did lose makes me wonder how much I could of lost if I had just gotten my butt in gear.  Sure there were days I was just lazy, didn't want to have to take a 2nd shower, wanted an extra hour of sleep, so on and so forth.  So I learned if I don't do the workout now when will I? I mean tomorrow comes and goes and then well you are a whole day older, and a whole day behind where you could of been.
Some of my goals:
1. To reach 140 by my 26th birthday, November 11th.  In order to do that I need to lose 1.5-2 pounds a week.  I know it can be done, but sadly I can't do it just walking 2 or 3 days a week, and doing the C25K other days.  I like food, I like my booze I need to burn off more calories than just a walk.
2. To run the Turkey Trot with my dad and brother on Thanksgiving.  I think it is 5 miles and well I learning back in high school with soccer that if you can run 3 miles you can push through 5.  I have been doing the C25K training program for a few months and just really taking it easy.  I need to really start to push myself other wise I will never finish the program and I will be saying "No, you guys go ahead I'll run with you next year" like I have said for the past 2 years.
3. To get some upper body strength! I have always hatted strength training, but now I just have the odd craving to add it to my current weekly plain.
And that is that. Now off to the wonderful land of cubical madness!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey It's Okay

As I do on most Tuesdays, when I remember, I am linking up with Amber for "Hey, It's Okay".

So today it is okay:

To have spent the day dreaming of a warm cup of tea, a cozy sweater, a nice spot outside and a good book. When the air gets cool and crisp like this I just want to be outside!

To still need a good book. Nothing has caught my attention yet and I miss reading. Its great to unwind with a good book and a glass of wine. Right now I just have the wine.....

To have realized what I ment to do yesterday in my post was link up...oops. 

To think it's funny how these two ladies at work will do all this research and pay all this money for this and that to loss weight, but they won't just workout. 

To have yet to fix my blog, I still have no idea what's wrong or why it looks like it does.

To sometimes wonder if my cat is a "special" cat....like maybe there are a few mice missing from his little mouse gang....or whatever a group of mice is.

And I feel like I should have more to say so on here is a picture of my cat....he is demonstrating how he adds 10 minutes to the bed making process.  

Photo: Why it takes so long to put the bottom sheet on the bed.

Happy Tuesday! Go link up and share what's okay with you today!