Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

It was so nice to be home this year for Thanksgiving, and not just because Turkey in Korea is hard to come buy and really over priced.  The day started off with Ryan making mimosas and ham omelets for us to enjoy as we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I love the parade, it is my favorite way to kick of Thanksgiving however this year I just didn't really love it.  For starters it seemed like no one really sang, when the music started many weren't even read yet they were "singing".  I normally like all the singing and dancing but this year the Spider Man one was kind of strange, the one where all the men were dressed in drag was very interesting and I wouldn't mind seeing that play, and I sort of liked the one about the news paper boys.

Moving on thought. We headed over to Ryan's grandma's for a great Thanksgiving lunch of turkey, mac & cheese, green beans, rolls, deviled eggs, stuffing, pie, and I think I got it all.  After lunch Ryan and I helped her get her Christmas stuff out and put up her tree, talked with family and then headed back to his place before heading over to my parents for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner of ribs, chicken wings, slaw, corn bread, sangria, and pie! After dinner we Skyped with my family up in Michigan, watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving, and then the one where Charlie Brown and his friends came over on the May Flower.  Then we said good night to my family and headed back to Ryan's to watch a special on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, and talk about maybe one day going, getting a great room, going down the night before to watch them blow up the balloons, and then watching the parade from our balcony as we eat breakfast and drink hot coco, or mimosas, who knows.  Can you get a room with a balcony?

Not the best tree we have ever done but Ryan's grandma was happy with it.

Mom's cute little Pilgrims guarding the wings and ribs!

 Earlier this week we got some boxes from Korea containing all the stuff we left behind back when we thought we were going back. It was like Christmas as I went through and found things I hadn't warn in over 5 months.  I told Ryan that I couldn't believe everything I left behind, and as I try to find places to put it all I realize that I need to go on a shopping un-spree (is that a word? No? It should be) for at least a few weeks. At the same time it was really bitter sweet, it was like reality hitting me smack in the face saying "your never going back to Korea, your never going back to Korea" in that annoying 5 year old kid voice.  This makes me sad, because if you read my blog often you know that I tend to miss a lot about Korea yet at the same time I love being home with my family.  Now off to wash all my cloths that have a....lets just go with funky smell, even the ones in zipper sealed bags.  I never realized how many "hand wash only" items I had until now. 

How was your Thanksgiving?  Fell the need to go shopping? Just box up some of your cloths, hide them, and then find them in 5 months! That shirt you were on the fence about is now the cutest thing you have ever seen!

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WhisperingWriter said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Ours went well and yes, we did do some shopping..but at 9 AM.