Sunday, November 13, 2011

The First 24

of being 24 were quite nice and I cannot believe that they are over (or the weekend for that fact).

For starters Ryan and I hit the gym keeping up with our every other day work out plan as we work slowly but steady to get back in shape. Next week we plan to up it either with our time at the gym or make it every day. I don't like to just jump in and push it hard core because then I end up hurt and spend the next few weeks (or months) on the couch avoiding the gym.

Then mom and I headed down to the Junior League's Santa's Shoppe. Mom and I have gone to this for years together and every year we have a blast. It is great to walk around and see what everyone is wearing, old friends, what all everyone is selling (some years I want to buy everything and then you have this year where I really didn't want to buy anything). Last year I missed getting to go with her to this, so this year it was just that much more special to me as we spent the day together.

When we got home a package I had been waiting for forever had finally showed up! I have been reading about how great Erin Condren products are all over blog world and then I found this web site that had a get $50 for $25 deal going on for Erin Codren so I decided to give it a try and order a Life Planner for mom for Christmas. Well I may of been just a little excited and ended up giving it to her right there on the spot. I won't lie I might have a gift giving problem but until it starts harming others I don't see a problem with it!
Later that night Ryan joined us for birthday dinner.

Mom made mini beef wellington (amazing!)

Ryan brought a homemade cookie cake his dad made.

As always it was a nice dinner full of laughing, love, and just amazingness. It is really hard to explain our family dinners unless you have been to one.

Ryan and I wrapped up the night watching:

Product Details

I cannot thank them all enough for making my birthday a great one!

Just in case they read this thought I will thank them one more time!

Thank you mom!
Thank you dad!
Thank you Chris!
Thank you Ryan!
And why not lets even thank Clair for just being an amazing dog!

For those of you that are new to my blog this is Clair:

She was helping mom and dad rake over the weekend.

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