Friday, November 4, 2011

Nothing Makes A Rainy Friday Fun Like...

a few job assessment test (I think I am up to 8 or so for the day), some of which even speak to you, yell at you, or ask you to type crazy names and what not into the appropriate box and get to the very last question and then kick you out for no apparent reason. Yep looking for a job really is almost like having a job some days only without the pay check.

I really don't understand why it's relevant for a company to know what percentage of Americans cheat when filling their tax, or how many politicians I trust, or if I play video games, or how often I go to the grocery store and if when I am there how often I buy baked goods for my family, and I could go on and on and sadly I wouldn't be joking or exaggerating about any of the above.

I know these questions have all been designed and put together in such a way that by the time I am done with the assessment test the company should know just about everything about me, but sadly it doesn't work that way all the time. For starters people could just lie on these test, and well then you have those who just happen to really be that truthful and look like they are lying because really who is that truthful? I wonder what companies did before someone came up with these assessment test to learn about their potential employees.

Do I trust everyone? No

Do I think everyone is out to get me? No

Do I think most people would steal given the chance? Well I know some people would but then I know some people wouldn't so why is there not a maybe button for this one?

These test are 100 plus questions most of the time and then a few reading comprehension questions or those dreaded word problems and I hear there is no right or wrong answer but yet there has to be, otherwise they wouldn't have these test to start out with. I would really like to get like a "you passed" or "you failed" back when I complete the test and then a list of the "approved answers" you know because none are right or wrong...some just aren’t what they were looking for.

Ok anyways enough of that little rant time to get back to it!

Oh and the NaBloPoMo prompt today is: When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

-Well I like to write with a pen every now and then, but a comptuer is just so much quicker and catches all those pesky spelling errors.

What about you? Pen or computer?

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