Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween + NaBloPoMo

So for starters this past weekend was Halloween and as always Ryan and I rocked it out.  After this year I am thinking maybe we should rock just a little softer next year, but either way we:

Went to a Corn Maze

It was 10 acres and amazing!  I took a few photos but they are stuck on my phone right now.

Dressed Up and Went To A Party

We dressed up as the Red and Yellow M&M's because well it was last minute and my parents had a child's yellow and adult red in the attic. There will be photos as soon as my camera and computer get along.

And Watched:

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is one of my favorite holiday movies, you know right up there with all the other Charlie Brown movies.

This past weekend we also watched:

Now I have never really been a Captain America fan, mainly because until Ryan said something about wanting to see the movie I had no clue there even was a Captain America.  I thought the movie was a little over the top at some parts but over all the concept of the dork/nerd/small guy finally getting to take part and take a stand was kind of cool; however I also worry that it sends a message out to kids that there are magical things out there that can make you strong....steroids? Either way I think I might have to pass on the second one.

Then yesterday I got to do a little happy dance because this movie finally came out on DVD. 
Water for Elephants
However after watching it I have to say that yes it was good, but the book was so much better! Ryan even had the same thoughts about it, and was upset with how much stuff they left out, or just how out of order some things were. But either way I almost always love seeing a book come to life on the big screen just to see if it's anything like I thought it would be when I read the book.
And it was all good.

Now what is NaBloPoMo?  Well it stands for National Blog Posting Month and it is suppose to be for a whole month of blogging.  I have seen it popping up all over blog world and finally found out a little bit more about it on BlogHer and I think I am going to give it a try (I know, I know I never finshed that 30 days of list thing I started).  Some people are useing NaBloPoMo as just a challange to see if they can post everyday about something, and well then BlogHer has a topic everyday to kind of prompt you.  So yea lets see how this goes, so far I am doing great it is the 2nd of November and now I am already 3 post in!

NaBloPoMo prompt 1: What is your favorite part about writing?
-I have never been someone who loved to write or felt like I was any good at it, but now that I am older I feel like writing is a way to get my thoughts, ideas, and just wonders out of my brain and out there (even if I am the only one who reads them). Writing is a thought organization process for me, even if when I am done I am still just as confused as I was when I started I still feel like I got somewhere.

NaBloPoMo prompt 2: If you knew whatever you ate next would be your last meal, what would you want it to be?
-I love all foods, even more so if it is something my mom cooked because then I know it was made with love. I am not too sure what I would want to eat but I know who I would want to eat with. I would want to make sure all my family was there, Ryan, Chelsey, and just make sure that everyone knew how much I loved them, cared for them and was thankful to have them in my life. Other than that it would really be a toss up between dad's ribs and chicken wings, or omelet (he use to make amazing ones when I was a kid), mom's lasagna or well anything she makes. I am sticking with my first thought that I would be more concerned with the people there rather than the food. Maybe I would have everyone bring their favorite food so I could share something they loved with them one last time.

So that is that for the day, hopefully I can get my phone and comptuer to get along soon.  Ryan and I really did  make a cute couple of M&M's.

Anyone have any thoughts on their last meal or what they like about writing? Anyone taking part in No Save November? As much as I hate to save, I hate body hair more so I think I will be skipping this.

Oh and before I forget happy Deviled Egg Day! I really have a love/hate relationship with deviled eggs, some of them are great and then some of them are nasty!  I was watching Rachel Ray the other day (that's how I learned it was national Deviled Egg Day) and she had what looked like an amazing deviled ham and egg meal going on that I hope to try.

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