Thursday, March 31, 2011


Sometime soon I will get my blogging life back on track just a little bit and get back to blogging about my random ideas, thoughts and what not.  Oh and I have a lot of life "adventures" coming up soon that I cannot wait to share with you.

Anyways as everyone should know by now I am slowly but surly making my way through the Beth Moore book with a good friend of mine (http://thedeutschlandreport.blogspot.com/) for the most part we have just been emailing back and forth our answers and thoughts on the questions and book.  Well I think it is time for me to let a few more people in on my random thoughts and feelings.  I mean hey if I can't talk about my insecurities how am I ever going to get over them?  I am hoping to make this a Sunday blog thing and really get some quite time set aside for this because we have yet to find an English church in Korea and we don't know "that much" Korean to go to church yet.  I am oddly excited about putting everything out there and hearing what others have to say, I mean I know I am not the only one who feels the way I do.  My hopes that by blogging about this will help push me to finish this book sooner rather than later.

I also found this cool blog about 30 Days of List (http://30daysoflists.blogspot.com/search/label/week%201
) but sadly there are other things I like to blog about every now and then so I am thinking of maybe doing a 30 Weeks of List instead and just spreading them out so that I can still blog about whatever else I feel like. 
Here is the list that I pulled from reading their blog and have added thoughts to or other things I think I might do instead.
  1. A Few Things About Yourself
  2. Things I Am Good At (Things I Want To Learn To Be Good At)
  3. Things I Am Looking Forward To
  4. Today's Play list (music or TV)
  5. Weekend Goals (week goals)
  6. Least Favorite Words (Favorite Words)
  7. Blogging Goals
  8. In My Bag (What's in my bag and why??)
  9. Favorite websites/Blogs
  10. Wish list (things/places/dreams)
  11. Date Night Ideas
  12. Weekly/Daily/Weekend Rituals
  13. On Your Shopping List (cloths, books, movies, food, ect)
  14. Thing's I Love (anything, about today, about......)
  15. DIY's I Want To Try
  16. Places to See In Your Town
  17. Words That Are Hard To Spell (Funny to say? Humm maybe favorite word for that one)
  18. Road Trip Must Have (Trip Must Haves)
  19. Recipes I want To Try
  20. Celebrity Crushes (may have to skip, don't have any)
  21. Thing To Do In Spring (and other seasons)
  22. Things To Wear In Spring
  23. Today I Saw (Or With My Kids "Things I Heard Today")
  24. Guiltily Pleasures
  25. I make A List For
  26. Things I Would Rather Be Doing Right Now
  27. Books I would Like to Read This Year
  28. Things I would like to do this year (or week,moths)
  29. Lessons Learned
  30. Vacations To Take
  31. Favorite Foods (lease favorite foods)
  32. Favorites (anything)
  33.  Today's To-Do
 And with me you know there will be pictures to come with just about ever list, I cannot help but think that pictures sometimes capture what my writing skills can not. 
Oh and last one, I have been working for a few weeks on coming up with a name for a once a week blog about all the things I love, hate, find odd, so on and so forth about Korea but nothing seems to be coming to me.  For example I would love to ramble on and on about how great it is that I don't have to have a car in Korea, or that I can walk down the street at 2 am alone and not be the least bit scared, oh or how there is a bakery on every corner and being really white is a good thing!  As far as the bad goes it sometimes smells like a petting zoo in the summer. 
Hope everyone has a good Friday!

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