Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ribs, Wine, and Movies

After a nice lazy Saturday of catching up on much needed chill time, some blog post that are still not complete, some much needed reading and Law and Order (and soon Shaun the Sheep) Ryan and I spent out Saturday night enjoying ribs, wine and a few of the many movies we have been collecting.

We started the night with this cute little video:

And I must say that I enjoyed it.  I made me wish I had more to blog about and in some sort of a pattern, or well plot however then it would not be about my life.  I cannot wait to get settled in somewhere that has an oven so I can work on my cooking in other areas off of the stove.  I spent a good bit of the movie laughing, or saying eww as she made different things (like that thing with the cow's foot), or squirmed as she killed the lobsters.  I would love to try to cook some of her recipes however some of them I can do without. I had read mixed reviews about this movie and some of my friends had loved it and others didn't seem to care for it so I had kind of been putting it off but now that it is all said and done I loved it.....well all of it except for the girl that played Julie, I could of done without here, where as on the other hand I loved Meryl Streep. 

The next, and last, movie of the night was:

Brothers Poster

Ok well this movie was...umm different, sad, depressing, yet oddly good.  I saw the previews for it last year and wanted to watch it, I am not sure why, it almost looked like a Jerry Springer episode. I don't know if I would watch it again or not as I found myself yelling at the computer for most of it and just thinking "no, no, no, your crazy!".  It was like a train wreck you just can't turn away from, not so much the movie as the story of these poor peoples lives that get completely turned inside out when they think their son, father, husband, brother is dead. 

Ahh now after a roller coaster of emotions between those two movies I am looking forward to some happy go lucky Shaun the Sheep before a great nights sleep and a lazy Sunday.

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Chas said...

I wish I could cook better too! I waited until a long time to see this movie too. I watched it a while back after all the hype had gone down. I really liked it too. I thought it was funny! I can't wait til I have a better oven too! Happy cooking and blogging!