Sunday, March 27, 2011

Middle School Reading.....

From the past week from one of my higher level classes have been kind of strange.  They just finished up a book that was something like Reading Mate or something, and was made up of short stories, articles, and what not.  Just about all of them were full of facts about this or that and were quite dull and dry, more or less my kids hated it when we had to read. 

So one class last week the reading was on these topics:

We started with a story about Halloween that talked about different costumes like hot dogs, trash cants, toilet, killer shark with legs sticking out of the mouth, and well at the time this book was written Captain Jack Sparrow was the most popular.  This is really not that strange of a reading passage when you think about it except for the fact that Korea really don't celebrate Halloween and for the most part the only choices you have is be a witch or a superhero, however as I think back I don't think there were many superheros at our Halloween party. 

Next we read about something that I never even knew about.  It was about how people with different types of blood should eat different things and have different personalities.  Here is what we learned:
  • People with type O blood are very active and should eat plenty of meat. 
  • People with type A are calm and creative and should eat vegetables.
  • People with type B are cheerful but sometimes selfish and should drink lots of milk.
  • People with type AB should eat both vegetables and drink lots of milk.

These ideas come from a book called "Eat Right 4(for) Your Type" by Peter D'Adamo's and it is about the theory of "blood type diet".  These ideas are very popular in different parts of the world mainly Japan. 

The last one we read for the class was one that I am still puzzled over and for a few different reasons.  This one was about the "Guinness Book of World Records" and some of the crazy records in it.  The four records we talked about were some that I just really found myself wondering "who in the world cares?".

The first guy we talked about was Michele Santelia of Italy, and what makes him special you ask?  Well he typed 58 books backwards.  Then we moved on to Rebel XD who is a rapper who recorded 852 syllables in 42 seconds.  I don't know if I would think this next guy is really anything special or not but Tom Waes' in Belgian can eat a 30 cm pizza in less than 140 seconds (about 2 and a half minutes).

And the last one was one that really just made me wonder about the "Guinness Book of World Records".  Do you know about Michel Lotito?  He has the nickname of Monsieur Mangetout, meaning "Mister Eat Everything."  It turns out this man has eaten 15 supermarket cars,18 bicycles and a whole Cessna 150 airplane. 

Sorry I don't know about you but none of those look to tasty to me.  It turns out he has to cut up his metal meals into small pieces and washes them down with water. 

This last one I think really shouldn't be in "The Guinness Book Of World Records" because really I feel like this is now encouraging kids to go out and do crazy things (that could be harmful) to try to become famous. And on that note my friend and I had a very interesting conversation this past week about fame and is it really worth it, why people want it, and how it has ruined peoples life.   Something I keep meaning to talk to some of my older kids about and get their thoughts on.  I just wow really have not ever paid must attention to "The Guinness Book Of World Records" and after reading this passage about it I just cannot get over how dumb it seems and how it seems like it is encouraging people to go out and do things to see if they can get their name in there.  I now wonder how many people have been hurt by doing different stunts to get into the book. 

Sadly other than that my conversation classes have been more or less just playing word games like categories, word chain, and a knock off Scrabble game thanks to Bananagrams!

They seem to love this game and I do to seeing as how it makes for an easy class, well until someone starts to get upset because they are losing then there is a lot of Korean "bad" words getting yelled out.  Also this past week was full of kids crying come the end of the week due to "hallway time." Kids were crazy last week and I am hoping everyone had a good weekend and is in a much better mood!

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