Monday, March 28, 2011

Meaningful Monday

It is that time again, I am saying good bye to my weekend and looking down another week.  So yet again I am now sitting here thinking about everything I have to be thankful for, and happy about.

1) I went to the eye doctor on Saturday and found out that my eyes are doing very well (I kind of thought they were because I was still seeing everything nice and clearly but its still good to know they look good). Lasik has been some of the best money I ever spent.

2) After a nice quite(ish) weekend I am feeling somewhat back on board with life and ready to go. I spent most of last week with a strange fuzzy headache and chugging coffee.

3) After our brief snow storm on Thursday the weather seems to be back on track for Spring. The Cherry Blossom Festival is coming up and I cannot wait to go take part, even if my allergies hate me for it. We had talked about going to Japan but with everything that has happened we have decided to just head down to Jinhae S. Korea and take part in the festivities there.

4) I am still reading Beth Moore (slowly but surly) and having a great time discussing it with a good friend of mine Chastity(check out her blog http://thedeutschlandreport.blogspot.com/, she is current living in Germany . It has caused me to not only look at myself but also at culture and what our culture tells us. It seems that our culture is where we young people get our ideas from, and sadly I don't agree to much with the American culture. Living in Korea has sown me so many different things about our culture that not only makes us look bad as a country but also is affecting the rest of the world (for instance young children in Korea who want to be just like American's). It breaks my heart when students ask me if people really do get shot at home, or if people really do get robbed, or die in drunk car accidents. I know there is no perfect country out there but sadly I think we are one of the ones that the world looks up to the most; however all those thoughts are for another blog.

5) After 4 I think I should also say that I am very thankful to be an American (please don't get me wrong) but I am also very thankful for my time outside of the states so that I can really step out of it all and take a good look at life.

6) Yet again I got to talk to my parents who both had a lot to say, so this week I need to say I am very thankful for Skype which lets me not only talk to my mom and dad whenever I want but also lets me see them. It is truly great when I am feeling just a little bit homesick because in reality what I really miss about home is them, my other family, and friends.

Well I know some of those went off on their own little tangents, but hey I have a lot of thoughts that I always mean to sit down and write so I can hear what other people have to say on different topics but dang it if I'm not just a little lazy and choose to sleep or read over blogging. Oh the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is finally starting to pick up, and thanks to my dad and my good friend Chastity I would of given up on it days ago had they not told me to hang on and just wait out the start.

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