Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2 Odds In 1 Day...What Are The Odds?

Seeing as how the title is 2 Odds In 1 Day I better tell you the 2 Odds right off the bat:
1. A girl peed in my class
2. A taxi driver corrected my English
Maybe those things are that odd after all.

Yesterday was my first day teaching alone with my kindergartners.  I had Art and Music 6, with our two little six year old girls.  Seeing gas how I don't really sing, dance, or have any musical talent we went with the art option and made this cute little guy:

One of my little girls kept pointing to her nose, I think she was upset the ladybugs didn't have a nose.  However come on Ryan and I came up with these little buggers on the fly Monday afternoon on one of our breaks.  The 30 minutes class was pretty uneventful until the last 5 minutes or so when Grace stood up and just peed right on the floor.  She didn't give me any kind of warning, no little pee pee dance, no bathroom bathroom in English or Korean just jumped up and peed.  I oddly didn't quite know what to do, so I had to call in Annie teacher. 

The next class of the day was Science 7 with the three little seven year old boys, who are a little hyper.  Our experiment/project for the day was making this:

A cute little car that works on air propulsion.  My main goal was to teach them the words wheels, and balloons and then to help them build these little cars and show them how they worked.  One of the boys in the class is overly smart, one is just your average kid, and then one is always in his own little world.  We finished this project and still had 10 minutes left, so we moved to the hallway to see who's car could go the furthest. 

Today I was supposed to teach Science 6, but ended up teaching Writing 5 instead. One of the little girls in the five year old class has the ability to just cry, cry, and then cry some more, so that left Ryan teaching Science and me with Writing.  I didn't mine, but sadly the little girl still felt the need to cry the whole class.  As she cried the other little girl and I worked on the letters A and B, she really was not in the mood to write so she drew me about 10000 pictures of her family, and then got upset about something and decided to start throwing her crayons all over the place and screaming.  So yea I am starting to think that no matter how cute these little Korean Kids are, they are not my cup of tea. 

In other random news we now have a new work schedule, for the 4th time this week.  My conversation classes seem to be going well this week; however with our new schedule we now have conversation with all our ages, yep even those cute little 8 year old kids that can barely tell me their name. 

Oh and I almost forgot!  I had my English corrected by a taxi driver last night, however once he corrected my "O" for a "zero" he couldn't make out what I was saying and converted back to Korean.  To top it off he had bleach blond hair, that was combed to the side over one of his eyes, then he had on a plaid vest, over a letter jacket, and over all looked like he climbed out of a boy band about 40 years ago. 

Tomorrow is Music class and Friday is Show & Tell, and seeing as how these are both taught with a Korean teacher I am looking forward to them both!  However all my conversation classes not so much!

I everyone is having a good week!  I am so thankful it is finally Wednesday, only 2 more days till Friday!  Stay tuned and I'll keep you updated on anything random, dull, and whatnot.  Maybe this weekend I will knock out some of those blogs I just have hanging out in my drafts.

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Chas said...

You should send a note home to parents of kindergartners to bring their children extra clothes.
I love the projects you guys did, neat!