Sunday, March 13, 2011

Conversation Class Week 2

I am currently trying to rack my brains for things to do next week in my conversation classes.  I think my biggest problem is what to do with the younger kids beside play games and sing songs for 45 minutes.  On Friday I had told my older classes who are stronger in English to bring in something that is their favorite, or special to them to share with the class.  Now with this I had to give the order to please not bring in anything that is alive, anything that is dangerous, food (unless you have enough for the whole class), weapons, and no computers or Nintendo (that sadly is every ones favorite toy, either a computer or a Nintendo).  I am already trying to come up with a few back up plains in case this doesn't take long enough, kids forget, or it just turns out to be a mess.  However, for now I have my fingers crossed for now.

Last week's lessons were more or less made up of:
-The "Free Trip Plan" for those who hadn't done it yet, sadly I think that left maybe only one of my older classes who bitched the whole time about how dumb it was, yet got a little quieter once I pointed out how it couldn't be that dumb, seeing as how they all had tons of mistakes. 
-A project where students had to tell me their favorite animal and why, their favorite place to visit and why, and their favorite food and why, and then draw a picture of each.  This was for the younger kids, with the better English. The all did very well once I put "My favorite animal is a ___________ because it is ________ " and most of them just said because it is cute.               
-One of my older, but not very strong English classes did a project on the computer where they were asked to tell me 3 places they think everyone who comes to Korea should see, and then write me a short sentences about why.  They were also asked to tell me what they think is the best Korean food and how to make it.  Sadly even with Jasmine teacher also explaining the project in Korean, they didn't quite do it.  They claimed it was hard but sadly they are just lazy.   More or less I got where they want to go and a very bad translation after it had been dumped in to a translator, and most did not finish (I had them back to back so it was an hour and a half class). 
-And the last project of the week for the conversation classes was one I gave to one of my advance classes.  I gave them a list of maybe 30 questions and told them to pick 15 to ask another classmate.  Once everyone was done they were to come up to the front of the room and tell us all about their classmate.  This project went very well and I think most kids had a good time.  One boy even told me that his classmate John's favorite hobby was "hunting girls" and John was very embarrassed as I can guess from the look on his face that was not the answer he gave Frank. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and has a good week!  I hope to be back next week with great stories of conversation class and what everyone brought in to share with the class!

Humm I feel like I am forgetting things I wanted to share, but just can't seem to put my finger on what they are. 


Chas said...

I really like the new background, its pretty. There is never a dull moment for you. Sometimes kids really do say funny stuff. Hunting girls..he needs to be hunting for english words for his project. ok..that wasn't funny. I'm sure they give you a hard time all the time and I don't think the work you are giving them is too hard.

Megan said...

Thanks I tried to mess with the blog all weekend and just kept messing it up so I just found a patern I liked and uploaded it myself! I know they do, I have to try hard not to laugh my butt of some classes so that I don't upet them. Thanks the work really isn't that hard they are just lazy, very lazy!