Friday, April 1, 2011

Kindergarten Catch Up

FYI: I have been just a tiny big of a "Negative Nancy" this week so if this blog seems like it is full of sarcasm well I am sorry it is.  Please don't hate me, I love my kids but not always how they act or the crazy lack of plan drill that we run. 

Ok so it has been a whole week sense I have said anything about what my cute little kindergartners are doing, and well for the most part that is because they don't really do too much and last week was kind of a roller coaster of ups and downs and a lot of dull moments.  So I guess I will update what happened last week as I update you with this week, which means last week will now be this week and last week that I am talking about will be last last week, or as my elementary school kids like to say "teacher, yesterday, yesterday, yesterday, yesterday was....(fill in the blank with a name of the week) right?".

Monday - P.E.:

Last Week: The P.E. guy brought balls this week and the kids worked on tossing/catching, and kicking/passing.  We also bounced on the balls (I was a little bit mortified at the thought of this little tiny ball busting under the weight of my not so little tiny butt as I bounced on them with the kids), used the balls as drums, did headers with the balls, and so on and so forth.  He brought little soccer goals and we had the kids take their new found passing skills for a test run as they tried to shoot a goal.  At the end of class the P.E. teacher did his little good bye dance and made everyone balloon swords. 

This Week: For starters when I walked in to the school I was shocked to see Hanna just chilling brushing her teeth with her hot pink sweat pants down around her ankles. The P.E. guy yet again brought balls, goals, and this week even cones along with 3 new songs complete with new dance moves. Yet again I did my normal stand and hold up the wall and try not to laugh as the kids try to do as he does, hey it is hard I have tried and found out that I am not very coordinated when it comes to dancing.  It is always fun to watch the two little 5 year old girls give up and just more or less spin in circles.  This week they had to take all the balls and try to set them on the top of the cones (not the pointy cones you see out by the road but the low little circular soccer cones that look like someone cut the top of them off), then they got to knock the balls off, then put them back on again, then pick up all the balls, and then pick up all the cones (I love how kids think it is fun to clean up, I wish I still thought it was a game to clean). Class was wrapped up with some more shooting, and trying to get them to play a game of soccer, which didn't work to well as all the kids just kept trying to pick up the ball and didn't want to share.  I sadly got quite a few laughs throughout class watching Jenny seemingly run straight into our padded wall only to hit it, fall to the ground, and then get up as if nothing happened what so ever only to do it a few mintues later.

Tuesday - Art & Music, Science K7:

Last Week:
Art & Music: Sadly I don't have any pretty pictures of the amazingly awesome project that Ryan and I put together, and that may be best because if I did you would see that it was really not that amazing or awesome.  We have been put on an art budget that really doesn't allow for us to get much anymore, and sadly even now makes paint out of our range.  So instead we bought some string and some colored straws with the plan to have the kids draw, color, and cut out flowers to make necklaces.  They turned out really cute and the kids had a pretty good time making them, some of them needed more help with the flowers and cutting than others but everyone left happy on Friday with a necklace to take home to mom.

Science K7: I also don't have a picture of this project because the teachers kit was taken away from me and taken home to the director of the kindergarten's daughter.  I think after explaining that without a teacher's kit it is a little hard to explain and show them how to do the project the kit will reappear soon.  Anyways we made pan flutes out of straws.  The boys were all quite happy with their new musical instrument until the moment came when it was time to test them out, and they didn't work.  I sadly spent the rest of the class trying to entertain them with games like "Simon Says" and "What color is this?" and so on and so forth. 

This Week:
Art & Music:  We made these (we have been put on a budget of 6,000 Won, around 5 dollars)
My first attempt
My second attempt..  Sadly the straws really don't stay "stuck" for  more than an hour or so. 
Science K7: We made these:
We also learned the difference between escalator and elevator.
I tried to get some photos but you can't really see anything in them.  There are two mirrors inside, one with a hole so that you can look inside and see "forever".  You know like when you go to Macaroni Grill and they have the mirrors everywhere in the bathroom and you can see yourself all the way around and it seems like there are 500 of you? 
These took a total of 10 minutes to take so sadly I ended up playing dinosaur with the kids the rest of the class and chased them around the room as they yelled and I said "Rawwww" a lot. 

Wednesday - Science K6:

Last Week:  In science with my 2 little 6 year old girls we made trumpets.  Unlike the pan flute these trumpets actually worked, very well, and very loudly. 
Once they (I) had finished assembling them the music began.  So in hopes of keeping the noise somewhat down and them entertain we played a game kind of like "Simon Says" that was more or less like "blow 1 time on your trumpet, jump 3 times, spin around 6 times, touch your toes, blow on your trumpet 1 more time and then touch your head" so on and so forth.  I love how little kids are not only amused but also enjoy playing games where a grown up tells them what to do. 

Once I made my project the girls each handed over theirs so I could stretch the balloon over the opening and secure it for them.  As I was doing one girls project she grabbed mine and proceeded to shove almost the whole thing in her mouth, cough all over it, and leave it all nice and slobber only to then want hers back because mine was wet.  Oh why thank you it is just what I wanted!

This Week:  We made these:
Sadly this didn't take long to make.  More or less it came already put together and all we had to put tape on the sides to hold them in place, add stickers, and add the string.  The girls were not to impressed with these so to help them become more amused I showed them how to army craw, and we then spied on Ryan though the window as he taught Writing to the K5 girls.  Whenever he would look up we would "hit the deck" in hopes that he would not see us.  The girls had quite a good time once Ryan caught on and played back with us, they were such little giggle boxes. 

Thursday - Music:

Last Week: Sadly music class is now becoming a "same old same old" kind of thing.  Yet again the kids learned about Italy, and they learned a new song about a street car. The instrument of the day was the "apple maracas"  they were so cute I had to find a picture of them to share with you:

Class was wrapped up yet again with fun parachute games. 

This Week:  I just taught this class a few hours ago and yet my brain is coming up with nada as far as what to say about it, but for your sake I will give it a try (I know, I know, because you all care so much).  We didn't really do anything to...exciting.  They did a dance and freeze game, they played with chicken egg shakers, they played hot potato, we had some boys get in a fight, we had some girls cry, we played "Twinkly, Twinkly, Little Start" as they crawled under a sheet covered in stars, and then we sang the "Good Bye" song.  To say the least the music teacher was all but happen when she left for the day, our kids are not the best kids in the world to say the least, and our new boy is ummm lets just say a bundle of fun to say the least.  He has painted finger nails and a perm. 

Friday - Show & Tell:

Last Week: Show & Tell more or less was Movie Day, and the kids more or less just randomly roamed about and did whatever they pleased.

This Week: Show & Tell was more or less running around like crazy and seeing how many kids could cry at one time!  One little boy was laying on the ground and our new boy just walked over to him and slammed his foot down on his belly, well the little boy burst out crying and was very upset to say the least and I mean who wouldn't be.  When everyone looked at the little boy who did it he had this evil little grin on his face like he didn't even do anything wrong, this little boy should be so much fun (he is the new one I mentioned earlier this week).  We had a few more kids crying due to bumps and what not as they randomly just thew themselves on the ground and would run in to each other.  Oh I even got my boob grabbed by one of our "oh so cute lovable kids".  Show & Tell is my least favorite part of the week as it is the part of the week where the kids have nothing to do at all and seem to think that I am a tree and can just climb up on me, grab my feet as I try to walk, stick their fingers in my noes/ears/eyes/ect, and just generally be horribly rotten.  I know they are kids but I still feel like they should be taught right from wrong, and it kind of upsets me that we are not doing it because we are worried about hurting their feelings and losing them.

Ok well that brings everyone back up to speed for the past two weeks!  Hope my thoughts were not too cynical, some of them really are cute!

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