Friday, March 11, 2011

Music and Show and Tell Take 2

Yesterday I taught my second music class, or well more or less just showed up to watch and be the "native English speaker" in the room.  We had the same sweet music teacher come and teach the class. We learned about Italy and their love of pizza.  She brought a parachute and we played a cute little game, where one student would get in the middle and we would all pull them around in circles.  I got bullied into the middle by the person in charge of the kindergarten classes once he realized that I was not in the mood to be in his 10000 photos and video segments, so once he told all the kids I would do it, I climbed in only to be mortified as they all tried their hardest to drag me in a circle and nothing happened as they started to run around.  We then did a cute little song I am guessing was called "I am a Pizza" and after a few rounds with the hand motions she handed out drums.  We rapped up the class by coloring an Italian flag, sand the good bye song and she split out of there faster than I have seen anybody do in a long time.  Class is secluded to be an hour long but she called it after 45 minutes.  I honestly can't blame her the boys were crazy yesterday running all over the room, playing, fighting and just out of control.  I do what I can to control them but with my lack of Korean and their lack of English it was quite an entertaining mess.  I think the music teacher was a little upset because rather than the kindergarten manager (or whatever) stepping in to do anything to help he just kept on getting in our faces to take photos of us, I also don't think she was to happy either about all the video's and photo's.  I hate to be a downer, and yes our kids are "oh so cute" but I am quickly starting to wonder how long we can keep this mess a float, and when someone besides Ryan or I will step in and try to get these kids under some sort of control. 

Today I am getting ready to head in for my second day of Show and Tell.  The kids have all now made ladybugs with Ryan and I, and they have all also has Science class with one of us and made a small project.  So they should be choosing one of them to try and tell everyone about.  I am praying for these cute little kids, and hoping that maybe today they will at least smile and wave; because some of my older kids cannot even explain things, let alone these cute little 5,6, and 7 year olds.

Update:  I was sadly not shocked to spend the Show and Tell class more or less just babysitting as the kids ran around like crazy.  Oddly I think last weeks class somehow went better, than todays.

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