Monday, March 7, 2011

P.E. Take One

Today was my first P.E. class with my kindergartners.  I must say it was pretty uneventful, however I am very thankful for that.  Just as with Music we have an outside Korean teacher come in to teach P.E. and he did a great job.  We don't have many students, no joke we only have 7, so we just put all of the ages together in the class. 

From what I can remember, and what I understood in English/Korean this is how it went:
We started out yet again with a song and dance, the Chicken dance to be correct.
Followed up by a jumping game where he put down on of these agility ladders and the kids had to be frogs, then kangaroos, and then some kind of animal that crawled as they went down the ladder
Then they played a cone game where they would hop around and then he would call out a color and the kids would have to grab a cone that color, put it on their head and then sit in one of the open spots on the ladder. The next game was a game where the girls were orange and the boys were green and whoever had the most cones of their color on top of the other teams won.
The next game that followed up was a smart clean up game of who can pick up all the cones the fastest.
Next we stood in a circle and kicked a huge ball (one of those workout balls) back and forth.
Then he had them all line up and one at a time would work on kicking the huge ball with them, and then headers, and well the headers was more of the kids leaning forward and just letting the huge ball hit them on the head.
We ended with one more song and dance (let me tell you this guy had killer dance moves, and I must be extremely uncoordinated if I cannot keep up with the moves the kids can).
He ended the class by  giving everyone balloon hearts.

And well that was that, P.E. for the week was over!  Whoo glad that is over sitting Indian style is not my thing!  Tomorrow is Art and Music (Ryan and I don't sing so we will be doing art, we are making Lady Bugs this week, I have a photo of our demo Lady Bug I made today for tomorrow) and then Science.  I look forward to telling you all how it goes tomorrow night!  Wish me luck I am teaching both of the classes solo!

Oh and my cute little friend Hanna from last week was still all about holding my hand today.  I won't lie I think some of our kids are the cutest kids around! 

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Chas said...

Glad you are having fun! That PE class actually sounded fun! Oh, I am soo uncoordinated I never volunteered to help with PE. The lady bugs sound cute! Can't wait to see them!