Monday, March 28, 2011

1408 & Movers

For the past few months I have often wondered if there is a tap dancing class for water buffalo's going on in the apartment above me.  I am not talking about some lady wearing high heals and jump roping, I am talking about all hours of the night and day there are just extremely loud strange noise, like they are constantly moving everything they own around in their apartment.  I have yet to figure out what they do up there all the time but that is not the point, the point is that today they are moving out!  Yep as I drank my coffee and ate breakfast I was so happy to see that a moving truck had pulled up and was hooking up to the balcony above us.  So now I am enjoying watching their things up down and out right in front of my window!  Now lets hope they are taking everything and they really are moving out and not just getting rid of some things. 

Not only does the hope that our noisy neighbor is moving out brighten my dull cloudy Tuesday, but to top it off the movie 1408 is on and fingers crossed if they can keep the comerical breaks down will be over before I have to head to the gym and then off to work. 

I don't know about you but a movie about a haunted hotel room with a man crazy enough to stay the night in it, full of crazy events that will make you say "humm" as the room drives the man insane and does everything possible to kill him is just what I need before I start another crazy day of teaching. If you have never seen it check it out, it is based on a Stephen King short store if that tells you anything at all!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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