Tuesday, March 15, 2011

P.E., Lepercon Hats, and "The Claw"

So yesterday was the 2nd P.E. class for our oh so hyper, evil, crazy, cute kids. It could of gone better but hey I don't have a teaching degree, or the least bit of an idea on how to run a functioning kindergarten of 7. Once again the very energetic P.E. teacher came, did some stretching, did his little dance (I still have yet to catch on however I do love to stand in the corner and try to contain my laughs as the kids try to do as he does, and one little girl just spins in circles really fast), they did activates with these big squish blue cylinder like things (for example they had to bounce on them, jump like a frog down them, get into teams of three and race to see who can roll them to the wall the fastest, carry them around over their heads, poor Hanna was a little to short so she just ran around with her hands over her heads while the other two boys did most of the work, and then had each team run up to them when a whistle was blown, beat on them then swap with the other team when the whistle was blown again, we ended class with him doing some sort of hand game and clapping.

Sadly one of our little 5 year old girls didn't get to enjoy P.E. as she is terrified of men, even the short, tiny little Asian boy who teaches P.E. and would not even go in the room without screaming hear head off. On a brighter note she is no longer scared of Ryan!

Today was Art & Music for me with the two little 6 year old girls, good news no one peed this week! And Ryan had Art & Music with the three 7 year olds boys, and man are they a handful! With Thursday being Saint Patrick's Day and all we decided to make these cute little Lepercon Hats:

Little did we know that kids here, or really adults for that matter, don't have the slightest clue as to what Saint Patrick's Day is. So Ryan said the boys just called them "Western Hats" and the girls just giggled and covered themselves in green paint.

Then I had Science with the three 7 year old boys, and it was crazy. One of them is very sharp, he does a great job with listening and repeating and following instructions. The other two well they try bless their hearts, however the one that hid under the table laughing and trying to get his tie to write in his work book for him has me stumped. The project today was making a claw that worked on air pressure. Sadly the boys don't have any clue as to why they work but are very excited they work. They are not the only ones seeing as how our projects come from China and half the time the parts don't fit together right. Today it was hard for me to get the parts to snap together and well the left out a few of the instructions that explained that it did mater what what the parts went, so that just added to the craziness and my joy of the "brilliant plan" that goes into everything.
 There is a bigger siring on the other end of a tube that makes this work with air pressure. 

Sadly I was pulled aside twice during kindergarten to have conversations that could of come right out of the "Twilight Zone" and accomplished nothing but getting frustrated and annoyed. After the mess today with the projects taking way to long I decided to put all the teachers projects together in advance to make sure they worked, they went together right, all the parts where there, and the steps made sense, well sadly I had all the teachers projects taken away, why I don't have a clue and after my explanation of why I wanted to see them for a little bit I got a "well you see" answer that made no sense.  I mean really people I am the only one that teaches the class so no one else needs the books and it's not like I am going home to use it to teach in my own private hogwon (school)....like some people I know.

Ryan and I spent a good few minutes seeing what all we could pick up with our new found toy!

Just to show you a few of the things we used it on.  We also picked up shoes, bottles, ect.

Here is what Ryan did for Science with the 5 year olds.

They are cute little frogs that jump when you push down on them. 

And that is the kindergarten update for the week! Stay tune for the rest of the week, which I hope is very uneventful!

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Chas said...

You guys make cool projects! I'm glad the little girl isn't scared of Ryan, I wonder if she reacts that way with her own father ?
That's funny the kids called your hats western hats. That's awesome your claw worked. I love the hopping frogs!