Friday, April 29, 2011


Check it out it is still Friday my time and I am blogging about my kindergarten week already!  I am on it!

P.E. was pretty eventful seeing as how I thought the whole class was going to kill one student.  The P.E. teacher brought dominoes and all the kids were working in see how long of a chain they could get going, well almost all of the kids one boy didn't feel the need to help but instead ran around the whole time knocking all the other students dominoes down.  So all of the other kids were quite upset and the P.E. teacher was not to happy.  The same boy also felt the need to go around pulling little girls hair and hitting everyone, sweet boy right?

Art & Science K6:
Coloring always goes by so quickly that we like to slow them up with a little bit of cutting and gluing. 
The example project.  The sun is a little big, but don't Ryan and I color so beautifully?
 Science K7:
The boys were crazy but we did make it though the project.  They learned how a ball inside a capsule could "crawl" like a worm.  They were pretty excited about this project once we got it to work. Sorry about the mess desk and the not so fancy project but hey it was made in China and the kids loved it.


Science K6:
We made weathercock's and the girls were, well unamused by them after about 5 minutes.  They found the compass to be pretty cool and I tried to teach them, North, South, East, and West but we found out after a few minutes of walking around the room trying to find North that they did not work.  So the girls climbed under the table and pretended to be in a cage instead. 

We sang, we dance, kids cried, we pretended to be bulls, and played the drums.  It was all but fun as we placed the kids in partners and taught them a song and dance only to have the boys trample all of the girls and make them all cry.  Then one little boy had his drum taken away because he couldn't play it right and was all but happy as he pitched a little temper tantrum.  Class went on for about an hour this way with kids happy one minute and then unhappy the next when they couldn't get their way.  I am so happy there is no music next week because of Children's Day on Thursday. 

Show & Tell:

Today was show and tell I had one little boy try to eat my hair, one girl cry when I could not read her a book in Koran, another boy try to climb up my leg then fall and hit his head and cry, and much confusion as always as the kids ran around and I tried to figure out what in the world was going on. But hey it is Friday and I am now done till Monday so in my book whatever! 

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