Monday, April 25, 2011

Really? I thought I had read so much more?

Sorry about the two post in one day, and maybe a third but I may of had a few too many cups of coffee today at work and I have been really putting some of these off.

So I have not updated on my reading list for a while now and think that it maybe time to do that before I head off to the beach next week and hopefully get to cross a few books I have been waiting to read off my list.

So lets see what book did I last write about?  Have I told you guys that I finshed The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo yet?  Humm I don't think I have so I guess I will start there!

The Girl with the Dragon TattooI wont lie when I first started this book I was really not that into it, I mean this book started out slower than a snail.  For the first few chapters I found it complicated to keep up with all the places and people that were talked about but once I figured out that I really didn't need to keep up with it all I really enjoyed the book.  I just wish it had gotten better before the halfway point, but once it got going it was really going.  I never thought the book would go the way it did, and I didn't see even a 1/3 of what happened coming.  I was a little upset about the ending but hey over all I loved it!  Why I loved it thought is kind of hard to explain, and re-reading what I just wrote it sounds like I only halfway liked it.  Over all this book was ODD but GREAT!  I cannot wait to read the other ones; however I have heard the 2nd one is slow but the 3rd one is great, I am not looking forward to slow.

True BlueMy parents brought this book over with many others that my dad had read for me to read. Over all I liked this book.  It started off a little slow but once it got going had a pretty good story line with many twist that I didn't see coming.  It is a story about two sisters one who is the chief of police and one who was a cop but got set up and is now trying to figure out how to live outside of a uniform and is not taking it to well. If you like a book about strong women you will like this book. On the other hand if you cringe at the thought of breaking the law you better pass because Mace will do anything to get back on the police force even if it means breaking a few laws here and there to do it.  I had a hard time putting the book down once it all started to fall into place because I could not wait to see how it all played out.  It was not great but if I come across any more of these at my parents house this summer I'll read them.  

Wow sadly I thought I had read so much more.  I have downloaded a bunch of new books and cannot wait to dig in to them next week when I am in Jeju relaxing on the beach!

As of now that puts me 14 books for this year so far and my goal for the year back in January was only 24 books a year (so average of 24 books a year) and I don't want to be too over ambitious but now I am thinking about moving it up to 30.  Fingers crossed I can handle that, I mean it is only 2~3 books a month and I LOVE to read.

Also don't worry I may of not posed about Beth Moore for the past 2 Sundays but I am still surly but slowly making my way through the books and questions.  Did I say slowly? I should of said at a snails pace. 

Happy reading everyone!  Anyone got any good books they want to share?  I am always open to suggestions.

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