Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kindergarten 1/2 Week!

I won't lie the fact that I only had 3 out of 5 days of kindergarten this week was awesome!

No kindergarten because we had just gotten back from Singapore. Sadly I do not think the kids or the P.E. teacher missed me at all.

We had Arts & Crafts and then K7 Science with my 4 very unruly boys. 

For Arts & Crafts we made these simple and cheep little lanterns:

K7 Science did a magic trick box where a mirror helped a coin "disappear":

One little boy was not impressed with the "magic" behind this trick. 

They went on a field trip, lucky for us it was also the same morning the fridge repair man came.

I had music class where the poor music teacher yet again looked like she was trying to figure out if we pay her enough to come one a week and put up with our kids. 

Show & Tell which turned in to movie day.  Ryan and I sadly some days feel like we are the only teachers who really teach our classes.  Most of the time it seems like the other teachers just let the kids run around the school or just show them a movie or give them some color pencils. 

Well that was the week nothing to great sadly and just another one out of the way till I am back home!

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