Monday, April 25, 2011


Lets see what did we do last week, dang it if I cannot seem to stay up to date on these post  lately.

I guess I will just keep this one short with a quick update and some photos.

Monday was P.E. it was the same old same old with the main activity being learning how to balance on some balance boards he had.  Everyone did pretty well with the exceptions our two sweet little 5  year old girls. 

Tuesday was Art & Music followed by K7 Science with 4 very umm active boys. Here were the projects:

Art & Music is getting hard to do without any sort of art budget or any art supplies.  Lucky for us our kids think just about everything we make is extremely cool, well until it breaks or rips and then the crying starts.  

The Science K7 project oddly entertained the boys, one of our boys even told me how it worked.

Wednesday was K6 Science and was full of lots of spit at the girls tried hard to blow and get their projects to work. 

Thursday was Music class.  Sadly I spent most of the class trying to keep two of the boys from beating on each other or me, and one from screaming the whole time whenever he didn't get his way. Sadly I cannot even remember what she talked about or what instruments we played just about how bad the kids were, and how angry the music teacher was when she left.

Friday was Show & Tell, this week we just gave them blocks and let them go.  I really do think we need a better set up for this class because letting the kids just more or less run around always ends up in at least one or two crying because something happen or someone did something to them or something that belonged to them. 

Sadly that was the week, and I am sadly counting down the days till I no longer have to teach kindergarten.  Don't get me wrong I love the kids, I don't mind teaching, I just hate that one kid punched another kid last week and don't a dang thing was done about it except the one kid who punched the other got a small "oh it's ok" and then sent back to class.  The kids get crazier and crazier each week and it seems like no one has any control over them, and everyone is too scared to say anything to their parents in fear of hurting their feelings by saying hey your kid is bad in class, picks on other students, won't do what he/she is asked, and do not respond well to no. 

Anyways I will try to knock out this weeks kindergarten blog on Friday, because I know so many of you are waiting to hear all about it!

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