Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Call Me Crazy....

But I do not quite understand this whole "Blog Hopping" thing.  As I have looked around for new blogs to read I have found that a lot of them take part in it and will often have comments on their blogs that just say "Hey I am a new follower! I saw you on (fill in black with blog hop name or catchy phrase) and would love to have you return the favour and follow me!" and then leave their link to their page. 

Now maybe it is because I really don't have a lot of followers and that is just fine by me, but I didn't think it was a popularity contest to see who could get to a 10000000 followers first.  When I write I want to know what others have to say about the topic (or I am just venting and complaining about something) and if they leave me a comment with their thoughts or encouragement that is great, even if it is just a "yea good job" or "I agree" or anything else simple, even if it is "hey I don't agree and this is why....", they all make me smile.  I love to comment on  blogs, but would never see myself asking someone to follow me just because I am now following them.  I want people to follow me because you like what I have to say, or what I rant about, think, feel, ect, not because you are trying to boost yourself up. 

Most blog hops seem to have rules that yet again boost the host (yea I know what would be the point of hosting one if you couldn't bring in a ton of new followers and comments), like "in order to blog hop you must be one of my followers" and " you must comment on 2 other blogs then come back and comment here and tell me about them".  Now I must confess that sometimes I "blog stalk" but that seems to be the same thing only I don't have to follow any rules and have oddly found a lot of blogs I love. One of the things I do like about blog hops is the Q&A part where they ask a question and I can comment in and answer, to me that part is fun. 

I feel like blogging is slowly become a lot like facebook, where everyone just wants to see how many people they can get to be their "friends" but hey I guess it is whatever you want it to be and what you make it.  I enjoy blogging even if no one reads it and I have no followers or comments to read.

Note: When leaving a comment (that is not just a "hey come follow me" comment) I do think it is ok to leave a link to your blog so others can check it out if they want.  I also love blog link ups where others can take part in a challenge or post that someone is doing, I find those to be super fun and a great way to get ideas.  I also love blogs where people talk about other great blogs they like to read, because if it is something they truly like then maybe I will enjoy it too. 

And yes I know I am not being forced in to "Blog Hopping" so what is the big deal?  The big deal is it's my blog and I can rant if I want to!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I am already counting down the hours till the weekend! Work is all kinds of not fun and the kids are out of control and ruder than I have ever seen them.  Hey there is an idea I could of ranted, and raved for hours about that, but I thought I would save you the annoyance and just complain about something small and unimportant. 

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