Thursday, April 7, 2011


(Shakes head and rubs temples)

Note to self: Kids are great!  Kids are cute!  Kids are smart!  I love kids!  Working at a place where the kids run free and cannot be punished because of the fear of losing them....never again!

Where to start?  I guess Monday would be the best place however all you will read is that P.E. was Monday.  The P.E. teacher came, he danced, he brought little bridges and skate boards that the kids pushed themselves around on and raced to the bridges, and then they played tag and used the bridges at the jail.  I know, I know, I don't sound to excited but the fun of kindergarten is wearing off and the kids are quickly learning they can get away with anything.  I worry soon we will have to have two different P.E. classes because 2 little girls each got hurt this week because the boys are bigger, older, and get a little bit...umm how to say...more excited about the activities and just go wild! 

After Monday comes Tuesday and as always I will just show photos with a quick explanation of both Art & Music and Science K7.

Music & Art:

Science K7:
We used lights to see the inside of our little paper man!  Wow so cool when you look through the black tube and hold it up to the light you can see his bones!  I sadly didn't have the heart to tell them that you could see his bones without the "magic" black tube. 

Then you have Wednesday with Science K6.  This weeks was a little, no very messy but I will spare you the dull drag out of details and just show you what we made.  It was very cool but very messy and well I don't know about you but I have learned if it is something they shouldn't touch kids LOVE to touch it, and then rub it all over their nice clean cloths.

And Thursday was the last day for me this week because of the Singapore trip!  And as always it was Music Class. I have to say that our music teacher is amazing seeing as how our kids are so rotten and she keeps coming back for more.  Today they learned about Africa, Tanzania to be exact, and got to play drums! 

And that was my week for kindergarten!  Thank you Singapore for getting in the way and interrupting my work week!  I love you that much more because of it, even if you are going to rain the whole time and be extremely hot and humid!  Just a few more classes to go, a parents night and a bus ride to the hotel before boarding the plane in the morning.

I hope to blog from Singapore with just random updates from my kindle but nothing major until I get back next week and caught back up on classes.

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