Monday, August 27, 2012

My Weekend Recap

So today is Monday and that means that I get a whole new week to do all the things I said I would do last week but didn't do, and a whole week to not make the same mistakes I made last week so I am actually pretty excited about it. 

How was my weekend?

Well it was pretty laid back but here is a quick run down:


The morning was pretty fab free.  I cleaned the downstairs, then cleaned my room, paid some bills, vegged out, enjoyed a nice lunch of BLT's with my parents, washed my car took and took a nap. 

Later in the afternoon I went and saw "The Expendables 2" with Ryan

I never saw the first one so I had no clue what I was in for.  This movie was great, I laughed, I cried, I help my breath waiting to see who was going to live, and did I mentioned that I laughed? Really I know you don't think it would be but this movie was full of jokes.  Oh and don't forget it was full of action, blood, guts, and guns.  Anyways enough about that I don't want to give anything away. 

Then we had dinner at Thai Taste for some tasty Pad Thai and Spring Rolls, two things that I love.  We then spent a little bit with my parents before heading over to Ryan's for a late night swim and a few margaritas.  Don't know about you but it was a pretty great, lazy Saturday. 


Ryan and I started the day off by going to watch my brother "Rock it out for Jesus" and then we all went to a local greasy spoon restaurant for some coffee and omelets.  It was really nice to spend some time with my brother and just enjoy a breakfast together. 

Later Ryan and I went to Cracker Barrel with his parents.  Don't worry I didn't eat breakfast again, I got the roast beef sandwich and could barely eat half of it. 

We then headed over to my parents to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday.  Dad cooked steaks and sweet potatoes on the grill, mom made some veggies, and Ryan and I made some Sangria.  Dinner was great, I have always loved Sunday dinners with my family.  We then had some cupcakes, sang happy birthday, gave mom her gifts, and then sat on the porch talking for an hour or so before everyone went off their own way for the night. 

I hope everyone has a great Monday and I hope my mom has a Fabulous Birthday today.  Don't worry I moved back home so in a few minutes I am going to go down and really wish her a Happy Birthday before I head to work.

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WhisperingWriter said...

So you recommend the Expendables? My husband SO wants to see it but I never saw the first one either. Maybe I'll surprise him with tickets...I just wasn't sure if it would be too actiony for me.