Thursday, August 16, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy 3 (Or 1 For Me)

Ok, so it is Thursday and as always this week seems long.  Really I don't know why I always wine about how long the week is, if you think about it is it always (well most weeks) 5 days long, each 8.5 hours, and in my job each hour is filled with at least 1 rude person.  So I guess I shouldn't say this week seems long I guess I should just say it seems normal.

  Anyways on to the post:
I was blog surfing the other night when I couldn't sleep and stumbled on a blog link up called "Inspire Me: Healthy".  So I know just about every Tuesday you get to read about how well I am or am not doing with working out but I never really say what I am doing.  I love to search Pinterest for all kinds of healthy recipes, motivational quotes, and workouts for this that and every part of my body that jiggles.  Anyways people (girls specifically) love to join groups and record their progresses, and try to find positive ways to spin our failures/setbacks.

 Anyways because I have been having so many setbacks I thought that it might help to join in a blog link up to keep me on track, or well kind of on track.  Really, you guys wouldn't be shocked if I got on here and was all like

 "Yea, so this week I really didn't work out that much....work was kind of long, and it rained all week, and there was a great marathon of fill in the blank with just about anything on that great ID channel about people killing each other and so yea next week will be better"

Really you wouldn't be shocked at all would you? I mean you might be like "Oh wow Megan is never going to reach her goals" or "Oh yea that was a great marathon!".

So yea today I am linking up with Raven.

Most weeks I start Monday off with the "This week is a new week" attitude and hit the gym a few times, lift a few weights at home, bounce around on the trampoline, and eat decently healthy.  Decently healthy for me is a mix of healthy food and crap, I can't lie I love junk food but I also love all the fruits, veggies, and healthy choices out there.  So yea what I eat is really not going to help or hurt me because I like to think I even it out (haha yea right!). I really am a firm believer of everything in moderation.

This week I have been on fire, my legs really do feel like they are on fire and I mean fire.  There are muscles that burn that I didn't even know I had! That whole "No Pain, No Gain" quote needs to be changed to say "No Pain, No Loss".
What have I been doing this week?
AM: 3 mile walk on the treadmill with a slight incline (45 minutes)

AM: Hit snooze a few times so missed my morning workout.
PM: TBT (Total-Body Transformation by Women's Health) & MTW (Muffin-Top Workout by Glamour) *I skip the Dembbell Pullover...it hurts : (
1 Set of workouts
10 Minutes of Step Aerobics (yep I took it back to the 80's with a step box)
Repeat a total of 3 times (about an hour)

AM: GBP (Glamour Body Plan) 2 sets. This was my first time doing this and I am not sure I loved it as much of some of the others I have been tossing around.  And again my morning was a hot mess I really need to get on that because the plan was to hit the gym. 
PM: 4 mile walk on the treadmill with a slight incline (60 minutes & thank you Pretty Little Liars)

AM: Slept in and it was GREAT
PM: Decided that after 2 glasses of "medicinal" wine working out might not be the best idea and took the day off.

Today's goal is to to the same thing I did Monday night.

Over all my goal was to do at least something once a day but I like to try to break it up so I can do a little more than I normally would be able to if I just did it all flat out at once. I tend to get board and can talk myself out of the last set by saying "well you already did more than you did yesterday giving up on the last set (or 10 minutes) wont hurt" but yes it will because what I did yesterday is what got me to where I am today. 

Ok now let's post some stats:
Starting Weight (New Years) : 150
Today's Weight: 142
Lost: 8

Sorry I am not one of those people to toss out a photo of my "fluffy" but in a bathing suite right now to show the world just what and where I want to lose weight.  Maybe later you can be that lucky...if I even ever take one.

I would have to say the thing that I am having the hardest time with is sticking with it.  I will do great for a few weeks and then take a few days off and those then turn into a week, and well then next time I go to workout I can't do what I was doing a week ago and get upset and just give up.  Then a few weeks will go by and I will do it all over again, and again, and again. 

Like a few weeks ago I was down 13 pounds and now I am only down 8, meaning that I gained 5 back.  I know that is part of the process sometimes but really now.  I thought all my stuff looked good before but then I lost 13 pounds and then they looked great.  Now with the 6 pounds back I feel like nothing (that fit just a few months ago perfectly...or so I thought) fits right at all!

Anyways this week I have been looking at this for motivation:

Do you workout? Have you jumped on the healthy bandwagon? Do you have any tips or tricks for staying motivated and on track?

Ok now off to work I go!


Allie said...

Great job staying motivated this week! I'm the same way, I'll do great for awhile and then fall off the wagon. Recently (this week) I've been waking up early and forcing myself to do something active before work, that seems to be beneficial because after work I have a million reasons not to do it. Good luck with your journey!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

Way to go!!! Treadmills are killer for me so good for you. Thats awesome!!

And sorry people are rude to you at work! Thats no fun!

Thanks for linking up!


Kristine Foley said...

You are awesome and are on a roll!! Keep on keepin on! Looking forward to following your progress! #wegotthis