Monday, August 20, 2012

Moives, German Dinner, and Lazyness

This past weekend was quite a nice one! I did...well not a whole lot and it was pretty amazing, however I am looking forward to a few weekends of fun coming up...what fun?? Well I don't know yet but I know for starters next weekend we are celebrating mom's birthday! And then there is fall coming up so I am sure there will be a few hikes, family camp fires, football games, and what not.

Anyways back to this weekend:
Saturday Ryan and I took his grandma lunch from the Beacon.  It is a local burger restaurant that is quite popular in our town with greasy burgers, fries, ice cream, barbecue, and all kinds of artery clogging, heart stopping goodness! Like the popular Chili Cheese Aplenty.

 Photos from Google.com.

After spending a few hours with his grandma catching up on life, and enjoying a nice storm on the porch I headed home for a bit.  Mom and I hit up Costco because I wanted to check out their colored jeans and even though they are not my favorite cut they are definitely cute and the price is hard to beat! Then I got to enjoy a German meal curtsy of my little brother and my mom working hard in the kitchen.  I am not sure what anything was, but it was all amazing! Here are some photos:

Ok well I lied Photobucket and I are not getting along right now so you will have photos of our amazing German inspired meal later this week! Sorry!

Then I headed over to Ryan's house to watch some random movie I picked up at Redbox.  Really we don't keep up with movies so I just flipped though and picked one I had seen offered for a while:

It was kind of long and lost me about half way though it but over all I liked the story line and the movie as a whole.  Really though they do kind of take things to the very extreme, wife in a coma who was cheating on you? Daughter who is in boarding school because the dad pays no attention and she is fitting with the mom? Youngest daughter who you don't have any idea how to connect with?  Yea sap story with a happy ending.   Really I don't do the movie any justice when I try to talk about it do I?  Ok then I guess I will just stop. 

Then Sunday Ryan picked me up for church where we went to watch my little brother "rock it out for Jesus" as he likes to joke.  He plays the electric guitar in the praise band in the non-traditional service.  Going to see him means we had to go to church 2 hours early but that also means we got out 2 hours early....and well I wish I could say I did something amazing with those 2 hours but I watched the ID channel and wondered how people ever think they are going to get away with murder.  Then we ate BLT's and watched:

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Yet again another movie we didn't have a clue about but it was great! It was funny, it was sad, it was as Ryan put towards the end "Wow that is a shock worthy of an M. Night Shyamalan movie".  Really the cast was great, the jokes were good, and the plot was worth keeping up with. 

Later we enjoyed some stuffed mushrooms with my family (yet again another great dinner thanks to my mom), sitting around the table catching up and laughing.  I then was lazy and wrapped the night up by going to be at 9 because I am such and old lady!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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