Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hey It's Okay

To just jump right in and say "Hello Tuesday, most weeks you kick my butt maybe this week you can be nice?"

To not know if I am fully behind this whole high wasted jeans thing...or the patterned jeans.  I mean...maybe I don't get it because I am not fashion forward enough or something.

To not understand why people can't buy things in their size...really you were not a size 2 yesterday maybe a 10 but not a 2 that has not fit in a while....everyone please try to be at least a little honest with yourself.

To watch Family Guy reruns because you just don't want to think hard enough to keep up with a plot line.

To have not linked up with Social Sunday this past weekend. I love link ups but sometimes I am just not in the mood.

To have eaten out..wait for it....3 times over the weekend. Really now this one might not be ok, even more so when Thursday comes around and I am all like "how in the world did I gain weight? I workout like negatively this week and so ate crap all week" Yea I think I see where my problem is.

To have spent my Friday night watching "Never After", drinking wine, and eating Kimchi Ramen. It was great! Well not so much the cruddy kids movie but everything else. Oh how I miss Korean food, and no Kimchi Ramen is not the best example of what I miss but it is two of my favorite things and the local Korean store just happened to have it all in one! It was like she read my mind!

To spend 20 minutes of your 30 minute lunch break watching a huge HUGE huge bug on the co workers car parked next to you because you are worried if you look away said bug will disappear and reappear in your car! It was also 90 and I may of had the windows up for fear it's brother was near and just waiting to attack me.

To well have that be that.  Feel free to head over to Whispering Writer and link up with Amber.

Happy Tuesday!

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Steph said...

I don't watch Family Guy anymore for the fact that I can't keep up with it.