Monday, August 13, 2012

Black And White Movies

Good Morning!

I just wanted to start the week of with a quick post about something I love every now and then: black and white movies.

I cannot be the only woman that loves a good black and white movie every now and then...can I?

I mean let's just list a few reasons of why they are so amazing shall we?  I'll keep this short with just 5 quick ones even though I could go on and on.

1. The way everyone seems to be called Sam, and how Sam is always the tuff guy.

2. Casablanca need I say more?

3. The way the couple in love kisses and looks into each others eyes so passionately.

4. The way everyone is always dressed so nice!

5. The music.

Oh how black and white movies are probably the reason I am a hopeless romantic!

Ok and with that I am off to start my day! Hope you have a great Monday!

P.S. I am taking suggestions for some good movies so feel free to share!

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