Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hey It's Okay

Yea for Tuesday! Ok really I have nothing let's just leave it at that and get on with today's post! So as with most Tuesday's I am linking up with Whispering Writer  for "Hey, It's Okay".

Hey, It's Okay:

To wonder how I have so many cloths....Ryan nicely pointed out, "Megan you have 10000 clothes and only 1 body. Please explain how that works" (I have not bought any clothes in over a month! Really I feel like I am in some sort of shopping anonymous or something).

To have the strange urge to want to buy a kayak.

To wonder if urges to buy kayaks are normal and if maybe that is how I ended up with so many clothes

To have spent some time on Saturday organizing my projects so that maybe one day I can do them.  Or well organize them even more, organizing them just seams so much easier than really doing them.

To have gained some of the weight back that I lost...guess I really need to get back on track in less than 18 weeks I'll be on a boat set for Mexico...can't (and I mean CAN'T) be pudgy on a boat set for Mexico.

To love that people still think I am in my late teens and early 20's...I mean not that 24 is old but it is great when people say there is no way I am even old enough to be in a bar.

To have to text/email yourself so you don't forget stuff.

To be pretty sure you pulled a muscle in your butt you didn't even know you had.
To eat your lunch before lunch....ooops

To be ready for fall because I have a ton of scarfs that need to get some use, along with boots, and sweaters.

To slightly miss college some days when I am off sitting at my desk pretending to be an "adult"

Hope you are having a great week!


WhisperingWriter said...

Ha, I text myself stuff so I don't forget too.

A kayak would be fun!

Furry Bottoms said...

I've only kayaked once and I loved it. If I did it more I'd be able to reason with buying a kayak!!

Nessa said...

I am always guilty of organizing all my projects more than actually working on them. At least it feels productive even though it's not really :p
I always text or email myself reminders. I was especially guilty of emailing links to myself when I was at work until Pinterest came alone.

Melissa88Senick said...

I am the same way with clothing. I just love it!!! Kinda addicted to watches to which is weird but whatever.
lol. Hope you're having a great week.