Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inspire Me Healthy Week 3


Really Thursday I swear you were just here last week...no really you were.  I clearly remember stepping on the scale and being all like "See Megan if you don't move it you won't lose it" and well I had all these plans, and I had a pep talk with myself, and I had goals, and I had......yea I had.  Now the questions is did I do it?

Well kind of. 

Kind of? I know you are wondering how you kind of reach your goals you either do or you don't.  Well I reached some of them and fell flat on my face when it came to other ones...or well not fully flat on my face I bounced back after a lazy and fatty weekend and did get my butt somewhat into gear.  Sadly my butt is bigger these days than it use to be so it is a little harder to get into gear. 

So what were my goals for this past week?
1. Eat healthy:
 Well everyday but Saturday and Sunday, and then Tuesday I had a candy bar.  (Sometimes you just need one, and I don't need one often.) I like healthy food but I also like junk food and bar food.   
2. Workout regularly:
 I am working on this one and getting better.  I am setting myself up for success at least 2 days a week, and I am working on the other 7 days.  It is so easy to plan it all out but then you just trip up one day and then you decide that the whole week is a wash.  I know this is one bad habit I have to break, you know the whole "It's ok we can just start again on Monday" when it is only Tuesday.
3. Lose 2 pounds/get below 140:
Well I am at 141.  So fail but at least I lost a pound.  So what does this teach me? That is you only do half the work you only reach half your goal....if even any of it. 

So I did finally take a huge step on Tuesday and headed over to my gym to go to a yoga class.  Now I know that is not a huge step to some people but I have always had a fear of group fitness classes, even more so now that I have put on weight.  To top it all I am also very inflexible and have no balance, so yes when we were doing the tree pose I almost fell face forward in to the wall. To top it off I am pretty sure one of the more experienced, older women there was laughing at me (not in a mean way laugh just like smile/face laughing (you know when someones face and eyes light up)....she would give me this look and I would look around and be like "oh oops sorry") as I got a few move backwards (I don't really know my left or right).  Also everyone else was dressed all "yogay" you know in really cute yoga outfits like this:

Pinned Image 
I on the other hand looked like this:
You like how I wore two shirts to help cover up my belly? Also soccer shorts are great because they flair a little and make your legs look a little thinner. 

Anyways I really liked yoga, and I loved how I felt afterwards.  It was kind of like a magic trick because I didn't break a sweat but boy muscles I didn't even know I had hurt.  I also felt more relaxed the next day and I cannot wait to get through work today and head back to class tonight!  Remember that step I am working on to have success on Tuesday and Thursday (and maybe even Saturday) when it comes to working out? That would be this yoga class. 

So I would have to say that will be it this week.  Not much happened and yet again I think I see where all I went wrong so now rather than waiting till the end of the week to see what I did wrong I need to see the bad habits I am making when I do them and correct them on the spot. So for next week I am sticking to the same goals and even adding in one more.  I don't like setting new goals until I reach the ones I have already set. 

Also I have "Younger Next Year" on my list of things to start reading this weekend so maybe I will have some information to hare with you next week!

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Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

My Stats:
Starting Weight (New Years) : 150
Today's Weight: 141
Lost: 9


Candice said...

I miss doing yoga - it becomes addictive!
I feel like you are going to have so much success - its the little steps all adding up :)

Lora said...

It's so hard to eat healthy on saturdays and sundays....but it's also depressing to see the scale on mondays after that! Keep up the good work...9 lbs is great!

Stopping by from the linkup. :)

Amanda said...

The weekends are a killer. That's my big downfall. And like you said, if I miss a day, I feel like the week is a wash. The linkup is keeping me motivated though! Good Luck!

Traci Aerykssen said...

Weekends are my killer too but 9 lbs is awesome! You have done pretty damn well so far :)