Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hey It's Okay

It's Tuesday and I don't have a good lead in except to bitch that it is Tuesday and really that is getting old, and there is nothing wrong with Tuesday, this week, or my life so let's just skip that and get on with it shall we?

Hey It's Okay:

To never have a good lead in to, well any post!

To smile for no reason.

To laugh at other people....not in a mean way just in a "really" way.  Is that still mean? I mean not in a "I think I am better than you" way just in a....way.....

To have started watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition thanks to On Demand a little bit each night as I do some sort of at home workout.  By "started" I mean last night I watched half an episode.

To wonder why the husband on one of the episodes of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Editions didn't try to lose some weight with his wife. I mean it was like watching her bust her butt to look great, get healthy, and to take control of her life as he just stands there and watches....you want to stay fat as she transforms in to hot?

To love that it is only 85 degrees outside for the most part of this week.

To be loving my Walmart phone plan....and hey if I ever deiced I hate it just don't pay for the next month. Knowing that I am not locking in for a year or 2 is kind of freeing.

To like takeout but wonder how people eat it everyday not just for lunch but also for dinner.

To kind of be sad to not be going back to school this week with all the other college kids! How in the world have I been out for over 2 years now?

To have others but sadly as always I can't think of them right now....I really need to start writing these things down!

Hope you have a good Tuesday!!


Steph said...

My class starts next week. You could always just take a class at your local community college for fun.

Tammie said...

You are hilarious! So so funny. I love that one about the husband not losing with the wife :)

Melissa said...

Ohh...too be a college student again. All week I think of 'Hey! It's Ok' stuff and then when I go to do my entry, I forget them.

WhisperingWriter said...

Yeah, that would have made sense had the husband decided to lose weight too.