Thursday, August 23, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy Week 4 (Week 2 for me)

Hey Y'all it is Thursday!! I know I can't be the only one excited about this, or kind of sad at the same time because it feels like summer is slipping away way to fast...I haven't even gotten a tan yet! Darn it "Adult world" with your crazy hours, and inside desk job! And yes I know there is Saturday and Sunday but it has been just a little hot here in SC.

Anyways enough babble I am link up again Raven for "Inspire Me: Healthy".

So it is Thursday and I feel like I am exactly where I was last week....sadly maybe even behind where I was last week at this time. I can't be too upset about that because I didn't put in the work to see any real change.  I mean yea I put in some work but not real work, not sweat dripping, can't walk or do one more rep work....just enough to be able to say I did something.  So next week has got  to go better because I can't keep being so ON and then ENN because I always slip back to OFF and that is not good in any way shape or form unless I the shape I want to be is a ball.

PhotobucketSo I did a good bit of what I did last week, which (was a whole lot of nothing but you already read that up above) was to "workout" really good on Monday, some on Tuesday, and none on Wednesday. I hope that unlike last week I keep it up though Friday, Saturday, Sunday and so on.  I need to keep telling myself that even a little bit of something is more than nothing.  HOPE is such a bad word to use because there is nothing to HOPE for, it's not like I am hoping to get a job, or to get asked out on a date, it is either do or don't....it's working out not rocket science.

So just to share:

My Stats:
Starting Weight (New Years) : 150
Today's Weight: 142
Lost: 8
Same as last week....nope I am not shocked at all by that sadly.  

So yea I don't have much to share but don't worry I have plans and goals for next week's post! If not to share amazingly good news then to at least share somethings I have learned form different things I have been reading. 

Anyways a few weeks ago I made a "2 Lose" and a "Lost" jar to keep track of what I want to lose and what I have already lost.  I am one of those people who likes to see things, and well you can't always see when you lose a pound but you can see it if you  move one of the fuzzy balls from one jar to the next.  If only I was losing them faster....then it would be more fun! Right now now to much fun. 

Ok well I guess that is that for this week. Sorry maybe next weeks will be full of more hype, excitement, and great news!

Have a good Thursday!

Oh and before I skip of to work:

Pinned Image

This is my motto for next week!


Brooke said...

How cute with the fuzzy balls! Must try.

P!nky said...

LOVE the idea of the jar, well done!

Keep on going girlie, you can do it!


Amy said...

Aw LOVE the fuzzy balls! I AM Going to do that today! :) thanks for the remindeR! !!!!! Keep it up girl!

Traci Aerykssen said...

Like your jar idea. and remember, maintenance isn't gaining at least!

Clarissa VanHousen said...

Love the "To Lose" and "Lost" jars! Such a fun way to get motivation. Love your blog too!



Love the "lose & lost" jars! That is adorable! Good job on the progress thus far! I slipped this week too.. hopefully I can get my "i love the gym" attitude back for this week.

Kathleen said...

Love the jar! That is such a great idea! Keep up the good work - I am your newest follower via the link up!