Sunday, December 12, 2010

Now That's What I Call A Lucky Man!

UPDATE: Ryan has just won another round trip airfare voucher for Jeju Island. 

Ryan and I have recently discovered that one of the little places out in front of our apartment has amazing ribs, and I wont lie we have enjoyed them the past two nights. There is a game out front that Ryan loves to play where they have items hanging by a fish line and you have to cut the fish line with a pair of scissors.  There are two buttons, a blue one that goes right, a red one that goes up and then snips.  If you are lucky and snip something you win and well if there is nothing right in front of it you lose.  Well seeing as how we have had ribs the past two nights this has left Ryan a lot of time to play the game. 

Last night Ryan came in all happy with a new butane lighter.  And only for 2,000 Won so less than $1.50 or so. 

Tonight Ryan went out to get ribs and came back in to tell me that he had won me some new gloves and as I was checking out my new gloves he pulled a round trip ticket to Jeju Island out of his pocket.  Tonight he only had 10,000 Won in cash; however an AMAZING deal because we have a trip planed to go to Jeju Island for Lunar New Year.

Ryan's ticket!

The battery was an added bonus, or maybe to help it fall when it was cut.

The less exciting part of his winnings my gloves

I am just so shocked at this new amazing ability Ryan has gotten to cut fishing line after his eye surgery.  Hoping the rest of our week has just as much luck!

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