Saturday, December 11, 2010

Busan City Tour Bus

Sunday December 5th

On Sunday we woke up, go ready and headed down to breakfast in the lounge.  It was packed so they sent us back to our room and told us they would call when a table was ready.  We head back upstairs to wait and finished packing and try plain out the day.  After breakfast we headed out to grab so Starbucks Peppermint Mocha (about the only thing I will drink from Starbucks and sadly I go crazy for it for some reason in Korea because it reminds me of home) and enjoy some time sitting on the beach. 

We headed back up to the room to gather our things and headed out to find the subway. Somewhere along the way we ended up taking a wrong turn and just jumped in a taxi.  The taxi ride was much better than the one on Sunday because the driver took the expressway that is mostly bridges over the ocean.  We arrived at Busan Station about 1:00 and headed out to find someplace to store out bags, a nice Korean woman helped us find a back office to store them in because all the lockers were full. 

We really didn't have any idea of what we wanted to do.  There is a lot of things to see in Busan however we just wanted something relaxing to do so we ended choosing to try one of the many Busan City Tour Bus rides.  It was a great experience and we got to see many great things.  It was a two story bus with the top being open air and it was a nice 60 degree day.  We saw many things and I cannot even being to tell you what all we saw and I am not even sure what most of them were so instead I will just share some of the many pictures from the ride with you.

On the bus

The top of the bus

Busan Station

Dang bus was full of Korean people...and their heads kept geting in the way...along with trees, buildings, cars, and just about everything else.

A temple we saw however could not figure out how to get to

The one and only stop we decided to get off and check out.

The cute little train we got to ride....poor Ryan the love to cram people all nice and tight on these things so he was nice and close to a Korean boy.

The next few are from the observatory.

Light House

There were maybe 20 of these things along the street by the bus stop. 

The harbor.

How they park cars in Korea

After the bus ride we headed over to the China Town across from the train station to do some "Foreigner Shopping" however we were shocked to find out it really wasn't China Town so much as it was Russia Town.  The place was crammed full of Russians and gave off this really creepy vibes so sadly we didn't stay long. 

We had train tickets for 6:30 to start our journey back and arrived safe and sound back at our apartment around 10 or so after an amazing weekend!

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Chas said...

An open bus tour looks fun! We haven't done one like that before- I would stay away from the Korean with the mask on - sickly. I wish it was 60 degrees here sometimes. ha ha!
Yeah...I wouldn't recommend a Russian market.