Monday, December 6, 2010

19 Days Till Christmas

Wow I just did the math and with only 19 days left and being on the 7th blog I seem to think I messed up some place because 19 + 7 is 26 and there are not 26 days in December; however there are not 25 days till Christmas starting on the 25th because then you end up with 1 day left till Christmas on Christmas day and that doesn't seem right. 

Day 7:

Dad has sent me a few pictures of a photo project I did when I was little in school. I know though they may not be Christmas like; however I still figured I would go ahead and use one of the pages today because they make me smile and remember my amazing family and after all that's really what the point is of this blog.

Hope you enjoy!

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Chas said...

I always liked looking at old pictures! Hey, if you wanna listen to a Christmas song..check this one out. I heard while watching Greys Anatomy I like it. In case you can't use the link...Its called...Its Christmas Time by Jules Larson.