Sunday, December 5, 2010

21 Days Till Christmas!

Day 5:

The pictures below are from 2006 when Christ got waders and a gun for Christmas.  Looking back at these photos 4 years later I still find them perfectly normal for the Bartholomew family and extremely funny!

He was excited can you tell?

Yep nothing out of the ordinary here everyone likes to look a little extra plump in their waders for the family picture don't they?

I think the stuff duck and the hunting dog complete the ensemble, now if only it was believable.  Poor Clair was about to go nuts trying to get her duck back.


Chas said...

Your last picture is HILARIOUS! ha ha! Perfect. I had no idea you went hunting, that's pretty cool!

Megan said...

Sorry Chas I don't hunt but I still think I'm pretty cool! HAHA