Saturday, December 11, 2010

15 Day's Till Christmas!

Only 15 Days left till Christmas, I think....it is now the 12th in Korea however at home it is still the 11th but that still makes my math off.  Oh well anyways:

Day 11:

I trying to get in the Christmas spirit Ryan and I ordered a Christmas tree off of G-Mart, more or less the Korean Ebay.  We ordered a green 1.3 meter (about 4 foot) tree complete with ornaments for about 30 bucks shipping and all.  Now for us this was a great deal because finding anything Christmas related in early December was not happening unless we went to the markets in Seoul and paid a crazy price for them.  Our tree showed up at work sometime over the weekend and we went to work one Monday all happy to see it only to open it and find that it was blue.  Now not just a normal blue but a very bright blue.  Sadly I think I failed to mention that most of G-Mart is Korean so I guess there was a mix up in our order due to translation.  We thought about trying to have one of our Korean friends try to call and exchange it but at the same time found it very funny so decided to keep it. 

Well that night I went home, had a beer or two, played some Christmas music and tried my luck at this pitiful looking tree.  I have been moving lights and ornaments around for weeks now and finally think it is getting as good as it is going to get. 

Looks like we will be having a Blue Christmas!

At this point I was having my doubts

All fluffed...sadly I think it looks like a Smurf barfed on our tree

Some of the ornament and lights

As good as it is getting I guess

My dad quoted Charil Brown and told me it just needed some love

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Chas said...

I was shocked at first when I heard you had a blue tree but its cute! It looks like cotton candy! What a cute new memory of your 1st tree!