Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 Days Till Christmas!

Only 2 days left till Ryan and I are all snug as a bug with warm fuzzy feelings wrapped in a blanket watching Christmas movies or catching up on missed episodes of Dexter at my parents house!

Day 24:

Last night after what seemed like a never ending day of classes, in what seems to be a never ending week of classes, Ryan and I settled in to watch "A Christmas Carol" that Disney released last winter. 

Neither one of us had seen it so we were both a little excited to see what was in store.  Sadly I must say that it was not a great movie or one that I would watch again; however Ryan has managed to convince me that it was not a horrible movie either.

I am sure that the movie was amazing in 3D; however when watching it normally it looked over animated to the point that the people were creepy and looked too human.  I feel like they went above and beyond with their new tricks for 3D however over looked other things that were important.  Jim Carrey has never been my favorite and I find it odd that they had him do this part as the jokes his character made didn't really seem to fit. 

I find it odd that Disney would almost make a Christmas movie that goes on so many random tangent that it almost caused me to miss the whole point.  I find it strange that they made the characters so creepy and too things so far that I found myself wondering if I hadn't miss something and it was all just a joke.  This by all means is not a movie for kids or really anyone who is looking to get in the Christmas mood. 

Over all I am shocked that Disney didn't do a better job because there are so many things they could of done with this story.  To me it has always been a sad story with a happy ending, a cute story with a great lesson but I didn't get any of that last night.

Ahh at least tonight I know I won't be let down as we watch a Charlie Brown Christmas!  It has always been my favorite and always takes me back to my childhood and I can't help but think of all the Charlie Brown things my grandmother always had at Christmas time. 

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Chas said...

I didn't like this movie either. Last night we watched the movie Four Christmases - starring Reese Witherspoon. We liked it. It was hilarious! We had never seen it. You guys should see that one.