Friday, December 10, 2010

16 Days Till Christmas!

Only 16 more days till Ryan and I are home with our families for a few days!

Day 10:

Last night we started watching some of the few Christmas movies we have, and for the first time ever I watched a "Miracle On 34th Street" all the way though.  When I was younger I would always just flip past it on TV and never really think twice about it; however now that I am older I found myself loving the movie and found that I think I enjoyed it even more in black and white.

I think my favorite scene from the movie may of been when Kirs was teaching Susan how to have an imagination and be a monkey so she could play with the other kids. I also loved the scene when Kirs was able to speak Dutch to the little girl who came to see him at Macy's.

I am sure no one will be shocked to read that my favorite character was Kris Kringle.  I think that Edmund Gwenn did an amazing job and I even found myself believing he was Santa Claus and even wanted to throw something at the TV when they had in court trying to have him committed.

I also loved that they had William Frawley play Charlie Halloran in the movie.  I couldn't help but yell out Fred when I first saw him. 

It was a great movie and I am now on the hunt for other old black and white Christmas movies over here in Korea to watch.  Wish me luck!


Chas said...

I have never seen this movie either! As many times as it came on TV all these years. Is the family in the movie Dutch ? I never really knew what the movie was about and thought it would be boring.

Megan said...

It is an amazing movie you should watch! It is about a single woman raising a little girl and the little girl does not believe in fairytales or have much of an imagination because the mom does not want her to think the world is a fantail and have her heart broken. The mom works at Macy's and brings in a man to play Kris Kringle who believes himself to be the real thing. Throughout the movie Kris helps the daughter start to believe and helps the mother and neighbor fall in love. In the mean time though the Macy's shrink thinks that Kris is dangerous and a wack job and tries to have him put away. It is mostly a movie about a guy who is just trying to put the joy back and Christmas and remind people about what Christmas is really about. You would love it!

No there is just one part when a little Dutch girl goes to see him and the foster mother tells Kris I know you can't talk to her I tried to explain it to her but she said you would know Dutch and insisted I bring her to you...or something like that...