Monday, December 20, 2010

5 Days Till Christmas!

Only five more days till Ryan and I are home for Christmas!

Day 21:

Last week 2 of my middle school classes were assigned the following homework:

  1.  What is the best gift you ever received?
    • What was it?
    • What made it so special?
    • Who gave it to you?
    • When and why did you get it?
    • Do you still have it? If not what did you do with it?
  2. What is the worst gift you ever got.
    • What was it?
    • What made it such a bad gift?
    • Who gave it to you?
    • When and why did you get it?
    • Do you still have it?  If not what did you do with it?
  3. What is the best gift you ever gave someone?
    • What did you give them?
    • Who did you give it to?
    • Why did you give it to them?
As I sit here and think about this now and read some of the answers they gave I am seeing that most of them are either really bad at English, were really lazy when it came to putting thought into this homework or they have all really missed the point of gifts.  This really makes me kind of sad because I find the best part of gifts these days is giving them and the joy I get from finding the perfect gift for someone.  Most of the I am so excited about the gift I have that I cannot even keep it a secret  and I end up ruining the surprise. 

At first I would say that I have received many gifts that I think are the best gifts I have ever gotten so it is kind of hard to chose.  But as I sit here and think about what really would be one of the best gifts I have ever gotten and take out the money aspect or the cool factor of something that has come and gone and never even crosses my mind anymore I would have to say that one of my favorite gifts that means the world to me would have to be a set of old Charlie Brown Camp glasses grandma gave me for Christmas about 3 years ago.  I have grown up loving these very same glasses and can't think of a time at grandmas house without these glasses. When I was little and would ask for something to drink I would always tell grams that I wanted a "Snoopy Glass." 

These glasses are something I will cherish and love as a part of my childhood and I hope to one day share with my kids.  It is hard to explain really how these glasses make me feel because every time I look at them or think of them I am taken back to my childhood sitting at grams dark wood oval shaped table in the summer as the bright sunlight shines through the open back sliding door to display the back deck and big old tree full of leaves.  I can feel all the warm and fuzzy feelings as I sip on my orange soda and watch grams make pigs and a blanket for lunch and I enjoy chips and dip with my aunt, uncle and mom.  I can remember waiting for grandpa to come home from work so we could eat dinner in the winter as I watch it snow.  I can remember playing with tinker toys with my uncle and riding around on a toy school bus when I think of those glasses.  Oh, yes I think those glasses may of been on the best gifts I have ever received. 

Also I cannot for get the amazing gift I got last year at my college graduation when Ryan showed up.  He was not supposed to fly in until the 19th but then popped up a few days early to surprise me.  It was a great gift and something I could really use because I was having a hard time with the fact that grams, gramps, my aunt and uncle couldn't be there to celebrate this day with me.

Ok I think I answered the 1st question in there some where now on to answer the 2nd one, what is the worst gift I ever got.  This one is easy I would have gotten a lot of bad gifts and I am not going to take the time to list them all out or upset anyone by saying who they are.  I will just very simply say that some of the worst gifts I have ever gotten have come from friends who just went into a store and bought all kinds of crazy, random stuff on sail and tossed it into a gift bag.  Oh why thank you just what I need but please next time save your money and just give me a card.  I love to exchange gifts with a few of my friends, but not because I want anything from you most of the time it is just because I saw something and it reminded me of you.

Now on to the 3rd question what is the best gift I ever gave.  I really am not too sure at what the best gift I ever gave is; however there have been many gifts I have enjoyed giving.  The first one that pops into my head is of the snow globe I gave my grandmother 2 years ago for Christmas that said "you'll always be treasured as long as you live for the joy that you bring and the love that you give" however I think just about any gift you give grandma she will love and cherish. 

I also think the quilt I made for Ryan after he had his knee surgery a few years ago was a pretty good gift if I must say so myself.  As I have gotten older I have tried to put more and more thought into the gifts I give, like the picture frames I gave mom and dad last year that each had a special note about how thankful and lucky I was to have such great parents like them when I graduated.  Or the Christmas wreath I made for grams a few years ago that I sent to her with mom when she went to visit for Halloween. Grams called and just said "Thank you" and it was almost like she had just given me a gift back as I continued my day with a warm and fuzzy feel good feeling. 

I could go on and on with each of these questions however I must wrap this up and get ready for school!

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Chas said...

What a nice blog! I can tell you hold your grandparents and parents close to your heart. You have such sweet memories. I have enjoyed reading your Christmas blogs so far and I'm sorry I haven't written more about Christmas for you to read. I think sometimes the best gifts don't come wrapped with a big bow on them. Sometimes you just want time with the people you love. :) I always hated getting socks in a stocking. I know that sounds ungrateful but I wasn't into the idea.I would have rather given them to someone I knew didn't have any. Or that Cartoon Character sweatshirt I kept getting until I was like 16 - I never wore them. Oh, yeah..Jacob found Miracle on 34th Street. Maybe we will watch it today. I remember you blogged about that one.