Tuesday, December 7, 2010

18 Days Till Christmas!

Only 18 days till Ryan and I are home for Christmas!

Day 8:

Ryan and I have been working on getting in the Christmas Spirit and started decorating our apartment.  So far we have ordered a tree of G-Mart and decorated our main window.  The tree came in and is bright blue; however that is for another day.  For now I just want to share with you the amazing job Ryan did on our Christmas Palm Tree. 

The tree from the inside all lit up

From down on the street with the snow.  I forgot to shut the blinds so it looks like there are two of them.


Chas said...

Awesome tree!
You guys got snow ??
Wow..I thought it was like 60 degrees there.

Megan said...

The weather changes like crazy over here.

Chas said...

We have that in common!