Thursday, December 2, 2010

24 Days Till Christmas!

Only 24 days left till Ryan and I are home for Christmas; however I just did the math and I am pretty sure Christmas can't be on day 1 so I guess I am still a day behind on my count down.  Oh well I will catch up tomorrow, maybe. 

Day 2:

This is a photo of the tree Ryan and I put up for our first Christmas together.  His parents had decided to put up a real tree and let us use their old one.  We found a cute tree skirt with a penguin dressed as Santa to put around the tree from Big Lots.  We got some colored balls from Garden Ridge.  We also picked up some clear plastic ones to make our own, we painted them with things that reminded us of place we had been that year or things we both loved.  We even put tinsel on the tree.  When it was done we were both quite happy as we spent the next few weekends enjoying the glow of the tree and playing board games or watching Christmas movies. 

We spent our second Christmas apart as he went to Kansas to see his brother and sister in law with his family and I headed up to Michigan to be with mine.  Last year we got to spend it together but it was a whirlwind as I was graduating and getting ready to head to Korea for 2 months and Ryan was home on a short break and we tried to squeeze everything in we could.

This year we have some time to try to make our apartment into our own winter wonder land.  Ryan and I are yet again trying to make our Christmas as memorable as the first and I would say we are doing a pretty good job so far.  It may be a different kind of winter wonder land; however it will be one I will never forget!  That is for another blog another day though!


Steph said...

Very cute!

It's totally cool if you want to do the facebook thing. I'm going to try to post one today. You can link up if you'd like.

Chas said...

Your tree is Beau-ti-ful! I'm glad you have one of your very own. I know that this Christmas will be special for you guys because you will be able relax enjoy each our and enjoy time with family. I didn't know you made your own ornaments...you are getting crafty :)

Megan said...

Thanks Chas now if only I could get this blue one to look half that good! Yea I tend to get crafty every now and then, I looked for good plain ones here but they are all expensive and cheap looking and SHOCK from China...come one Korea what happend to you guys! Ahh dang China!

Thanks Steph I know some of my friends on facebook say some really dumb things; however sadly I probably can't talk.

Chas said...

You're welcome!
No..not from China?! ha ha!