Sunday, December 5, 2010

22 Days Till Christmas!

Only 22 days till Ryan and I are home for Christmas!

Well less but I am trying to catch up from a weekend without internet and keep the general idea going. 
Day 4:

I cannot help but smile when I look at this picture it is just full of love and fun.  It captures them both so well!

In case you don't know who these two are in this picture here we have the most amazing woman I know and one amazing puppy I cannot wait to see!  I love these two and miss them so much and cannot wait to see them!  It will be the perfect Christmas when I get off the plain and see my parents waiting for me!  I just hope Little Miss Clair Bear is not too mad at me. 

Hope everyone is getting in the Christmas Spirit!

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Chas said...

This picture made me smile too! They look so happy together. I hope Clarie has been doing well. I'm sure she won't be too mad, when she sees you she will probably get in crazy dog mode and lick you to death! :)