Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hey, It's Okay

Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone has a great one today.  Look on the bright side at least today is not Monday!

As always I am linking up with Whispering Writer for "Hey, It's Okay" to start off my Tuesday.   

"Hey, It's Okay":

To get excited about cake day at work. Really thought it only comes once a month and sadly it might be my second favorite thing about my job.

To think parents should be able to punish their kids how they see fit. Why do the media and specialist think they can tell people what is the best for their families. I sometimes think that’s what’s wrong with kids today no one will punish them because they are worried what other people will say.

To save my daily cup of coffee for sometime between two and three. Working till 7 is still messing up my time table.

To wonder how so many grown people have so much drama.

To tip the waiter/waitress well when they do a good job, and to not tip them well when they don't. I use to feel bad about this, I also use to be a waitress and I always busted my butt for what little tips I got. Some of the wait staff today just assume that you are going to give them a five when they never filled up the water, never checked on you, your food was cold, and congress can agree and pass a bill in the time I wait to get my bill and pay. I work hard for what little money I make, I don't just have to give it to you because you waited on me with a piss poor attitude and are rude. If I can't just get someone to hand me a five dollar bill when I don't do my job why should you?

To have just done a little rant.  Sorry

To really hope that Kim wins the Biggest Loser tonight, and that Mike can win the at home prize.  He left week one and looks better than some of the people who were there many weeks after him.   

What's ok with you this week?


Alice said...

I am sooo with you on the wait staff thing. I know they have to tip out bussers and what not...but I know just as many of them don't. It's usually the ones with those bad attitudes. I was a waitress, busser, AND a dish washer once. I can tell you on one hand how many times I was tipped out. :(

WhisperingWriter said...

I only tip if they do a good job as well. If they suck, why should they get a tip?

Stephanie McCall said...

cake day at work? that sounds like the best job ever!

Stephie @ Our Marriage Adventure said...

AMEN! I try not to blame waitstaff for the whole cold food because that could be the kitchen, but everything else. I'm sorry - if you have an issue being in the service industry than don't be a server. I don't love my job, but I do it to the best of my ability because that's what keeps me employed. Same applies to them.