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Six Flags

**So this post was scheduled to post last week...as you can see that didn't happen.  I would try to blame it on Blogger but really I set my alarm clock wrong both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend so maybe it's just me. Anyways on with the post.

This past Saturday Ryan and I headed to Six Flags over Georgia. 

The week before last Ryan and I decided to buy season passes to Six Flags and their Water Park.  They were running deals for both that came out to about $65.  We had been going back and forth between Six Flags and Carowinds and finally landed on Six Flags.  It takes about 2 and 1/2 hours to get there but it really is not a bad drive.  They have more rides, better food, and they have a separate water park. 

All week last week Ryan and I checked the weather.  On Tuesday there was a 80% chance of not just rain but of a down pour.  Then Wednesday it was 30%, then Thursday 20% then Friday 30% again and finally on Saturday there was a 20% change of rain.  We watched the weather radar to see where the storms would hit in Georgia, said a quick prayer for the rain to hold off for just a bit and headed off. 

The day started off a little rough as I realized that I had forgotten what I was planning on wearing and we had to head over to my parents before heading out.  If you ever read any blogs about trips Ryan and I go on that are not major we always forget something so this really isn't a shock to either of us.  Once I grabbed shorts, short sleeve t-shirt, a long sleeve t-shirt, a sweat shirt, a hat and jeans we headed out.  Sound like a lot to grab for a day trip? It is just because the weather was so unpredictable and I didn't want to be too hot or too cold so I thought better to just grab it all. 

Anyways moving on.  Ryan and I had a BLAST! The park was not too busy, we waited maybe 45 minutes at most to ride a few rides, we road just about everything, it wasn't too hot or too cold, and it didn't rain at all!  We laughed, we smiled, we had our bodies jostled, we felt our blood pumping, we felt our hearts racing, our stomachs in our throats, we held hands, and we can't wait to do it all again! Humm I still feel like that doesn't cover it....I guess that is why I am not a writer thought. 

So once at the park the day went down like this:
We decide to kick things off on a strong note with Acrophobia.  The picture below pretty much sums it up. 
Photo from Six Flags website.
If you still need a little explanation this ride takes you up 16 stores, the guy at the bottom sings "We will, we will drop you" a few times (changes every time) and then boom your "free falling".  This one is a little different from ones I have been on before because once you get to the top it leans you out so you are almost looking straight down at the ground as you fall. 
This is one of those rides that gets my heart pumping as soon as I step in line.  It is a ride that I love to hate, love because it is fun, hate because at the same time it is not fun. 
We then moved on to the Sky Buckets so we could get a better view of the park and make our way down into what seemed to be more of the middle of the park. 

Photo from Six Flags website.

Next we road the Ninja.  Ryan told me about how he remembered this ride when it first came out and how he had to wait in line over an hour and a half and just how cool it was at the time.  I think he was a little upset that it was not quite what he remembered it to be. 

Photo from Six Flags website
As far as steal coasters go this one felt more like a wooden coaster.

We then road a wooden coaster, The Great American Scream Machine, one that took Ryan for surprise.

Photo from Six Flags website.

I think he thought it was a kids ride so when the drop at the top, well dropped he was taken off guard.  I also think that maybe we shouldn't ride wooden coasters together.  See Ryan is taller than me and those bars only go down as far as the tallest person will let them.   So I bounced up and down with the extra space, and he just got jostled, hit his knee on the sides, the front, and even the little bolts on the front of the ride.

I would have to say my favorite wooden coaster is the backwards one, sadly Six Flags doesn't have a backwards ride....but I think I'll live.

Next was Superman: Ultimate Flight.  We rode this ride twice just because the line was so short. 

Photo from Six Flags website.

This ride is one of my favorites because you lay down and get to feel like you are flying.  This is one of the most comfy rides, you don't get jostled, and you are all nice and snug.

Then we got in line to ride the Hanson Cars, oddly this ride sticks out the most from my trips to the park in Ohio we use to go to. Sadly we didn't end up riding it because what they said was only a 10 wait ride turned in to 20 and we were still a few groups back so we called it and moved on to the next ride.

Photo from Six Flags website.

 Next we moved on to the Monster Mansion.  This was kind of odd as far as Haunted Houses go.  You got in a boat and floated through the house.  The water looks like a cute idea untill all the adults get in on the left side of the boat and the kids are on the right and the boat starts to tip to the side. It started out all happy and friendly then got dark and creepy.  Poor Ryan has to have the only 24 year old girlfriend who doesn't like the dark so I was cuddling up nice and close to him during the last part of the ride. 
Next we made our way to the Dare Devil Dive. 

Photo from Six Flags website
This ride doesn't look like much but as I waited in line to get on I started to look at it a little close.  You get in a car with 6 other people and when you start out you go straight up, as in you are literally laying on your back on the way up.  Then you drop straight down, with a little dip inward so you are going even more down....I don't quite know what you would call that...a negative fall? Then you fly though some loops, twist, and then bam you done before you even know it.  I love LOVE love this ride, it is smooth, comfy(ish), and fast. 
Our next and last ride was the Batman: The Ride.

Photo from Six Flags website.

This ride reminds me of Top Gun and I would have to say that it is one of my favorites.  I sadly think that I might have to be out of favorites soon.

Anywas one we finished upat Batman it was close to 5:30.  We walked around trying to figure out what to ride next, we ended up picking a water ride, but the line was over an hour and a half so we headed out to find a different one only to find out they weren't running.  At this point we had been there for close to 7 hours and my attention span was waring short so when a security guard came up and asked us if we needed help finding anything and I replyed with the way out. I think Ryan knew it was time to call it at this point. 
We headed  out stoping at Zaxby's for some chicken and one of their new Brownie Batter Milkshake, which is amazing (I need to take part of that back now...we got one over the weekend and couldn't figure out what it tast burnt....well that is becuase our local one seems to take the old, stale, burnt brownies and toss them in for the brownie crumbles), and finished the night with the Winny The Pooh movie.

Super cute movie!

I know, I know, I might be a little old for Winny The Pooh but really it was so cute! When the opening song came on I was taken back to my childhood when I use to jump back and forth on the couch like Winny The Pooh does on the letters.  Also it is about how poor Eeyore lost his tail, and well he is just so cute and pitiful how can you not love him? I have some days where I feel like Eeyore and think that maybe I have lost my tail. Tigger is the only Tigger around, Rabbit is stuffy, Owl is smart and witty, Piglet is scared and trying to be brave, and Pooh is hungry. 

OK anyways back to what I was writing about. 

I really do think we picked the best choice for us. We were both happy with all of the rides, we didn't even get a chance to ride a lot of them, the park was really clean, everyone was really helpful and polite, and they had all kinds of food choices to chose from. 

Next time I really do need to take photos of my own of some of the rides, of Ryan and I, and of just well anything that I might want to remember later when I am old and looking back at life. 

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