Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

This past week I haven't really had time to Pin but sadly that doesn't mean I still don't have 1000000 things Pinned I can't still share!
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As always (or well for the past 2 weeks I have done this) let's start with all the things I want to make!

How cute is this idea? I love the colors and use of wall space.
Source: etsy.com via Megan on Pinterest
Cup cake stand? I really liked this when I pinned it but now I am kind of seeing it as useless....rethinking this one.
Yea another use for wine bottles!

Source: ispydiy.com via Megan on Pinterest
They make these look so easy and I love this style. 
Source: lilluna.com via Megan on Pinterest
Photo tree!
Photo table...I really love LOVE love this idea.
Now a few from "My Style" or well what I wish was my style.

Source: polyvore.com via Megan on Pinterest
Love this comfy, chill, but not lazy look.
Source: etsy.com via Megan on Pinterest

I am really starting to like colored pants, and I have some close to this color that I am always trying to pair with things.

Source: tumblr.com via Megan on Pinterest
Ok I think I like the style of this.  I hate the shoes and the bow....

I love these bright, chunky pieces!

Source: polyvore.com via Megan on Pinterest
I love the colors...however not the shoes.  I wonder how this would fit thought...baggy or ok?
And some of my favorites from "Fun With Words And Sayings" some of these I have to remind myself of a few times a week.  It is easy to let life get in the way and bog you down with all the little things that don't matter.

I have a lot to be thankful for but I know some days I still get stuck in spoiled little brat mood.
Source: imgfave.com via Megan on Pinterest

She really does have some great quotes!
Bad attitudes are kind of like black holes and always just suck me in whenever I start to even get the littlest bit upset.  I have only changed a flat tire once and it was hard so I am hoping that maybe changing my attitude when I start to feel the "suck" will be easier!

I love this last one!

What are you pinning this week? Have you gotten pulled in to the Pinterest world yet?

Happy Wednesday, I hope you are all having a great one!  The week is almost half way over and there is a nice 3 day weekend dead ahead! Fingers crossed that these last few days don't just pull the e-brake and start to drag!

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Melissa said...

Love the photo table! And I had to pin that anchor bracelet!