Monday, May 7, 2012


Or better known as What We Did This Weekend....really though I thought WWDTW was cooler untill I saw it typed up there.....

So I have been working on taking photos everyday of just the everyday things that go on.  Sadly this weekend I didn't do that great of a job and well some of the photos I took I can't share with you yet because I am working on something for my mom later this month....sorry.  Anyways in trying to keep up with this "journal" of my life lets get on with it.  I am thinking bulletin points and the few random photos I have.  Really it kills me that the fun weekends I can never seem to blog about but then the dull ones are so simple and done the following Monday. 

  • 7:15 walk with mom
  • 8:30-10:00 eat breakfast, make lunch, get ready for work, watch the Golden Girls, surf the web....you know everyday morning things.
  • 10:30-7 work.
  • 7:15 arrive home to my amazing family and Ryan.  Eat some good home cooking on the back porch and wrap up the night by enjoying some wine around the campfire.
  • 9:00 watch some TV with Ryan and call it a night.
  • Don't worry I know this time thing is kind of odd...I don't think I will continue to do it any more in this post. 
  • Sleep in nice and late. 
  • Get up and enjoy some Top Gear....really I like the European one better but the American one is really not that bad.  Never seen Top Gear? Check out this video of the European show going "Caravaning" I couldn't get the video to upload right but here is the link: http://youtu.be/zgRXi2svWPU.  Really is is pretty funny if you have never seen it.
  • Head off to take care of something I am working on for mom as Ryan cut the grass. 
  • Head back over to pick up Ryan and head to the pawn shop to check out options for hand guns (nope I still don't have one but still thinking about it).
  • Drop in to Big Lots because they are just amazing and I was looking for some stuff for a few projects I have been working on....end up picking up these for work...It works amazingly I got to try it out today.

  • Then we headed back to Ryan's to chill for a bit and watch some Law & Order.  Oh I love Law & Order. 
  • We ended up giving in and going out and getting some Mexican for dinner.  I say we but really I guess I ended up kind of pushing Ryan into getting it. 
  • Then later that night I made Ryan a surprise of cheesy, spicy goodness.
I call them spicy b*tchs.
  • Cream cheese, spread on a crescent roll with jalapenos is....umm so good but I am sure so bad for my diet. 
  • We ended the night with the movie Tower Heist: 
  • From Google.
    Ryan had heard it was kind of stupid from guys at work.  It started out kind of slow, then picked up and got funny, and then got dumb.  Until the end I was really liking it but then it kind of just took things a little far.  It had a good point, kind of like Robbing Hood but I could of used more action.  I don't know I am on the fence with this one, I don't feel like I wasted my time watching it but I am happy that I only spent a 1.27 to watch it.  Thanks again Redbox you really are amazing.
  • Sunday morning I made breakfast in bed....
I can make a great breakfast but sometimes simple is better and well I know most Sundays we have two big meals.
  • Then we went to Church with  my parents.  I love our current Church I have always like Church but for a while at my old Church it felt like it was a chore to go.  I taught Sunday School with my mom and Ryan and it was fun but after a few years I was just burnt out, and thought it was time for someone else to step and do it.  The Church we are going to now I look forward to going to ever week, I love to hear what is going to be said, and I love how it is said.  I love the hymns and the stained glass windows.
  • Then Ryan and I hit Ross and TJ Max so I could still try to find some of the things I am needing for a few projects then meet his parents for lunch at Cracker Barrow.
  • After lunch we went over to see Ryan's grandma and he fixed her cable.
  • Around 5 or so we headed to my parents to enjoy some grilled tuna, bakes asparagus, home made chocolate and raisin cookies, and talk to dad about our 401K's.
  • We wrapped the night up with Desperate Housewives.  I am really looking forward to how the show ends, and at the same time really sad that it is ending. 
Oh and Clair had a good weekend too! Here is a photo of her enjoying the nice weather Sunday afternoon before dinner.
She is such a good dog. 

And today was Monday, which always seems to be the longest day of the week but thankfully it is over! How was your Monday? 

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WhisperingWriter said...

Mmm, those rolls look really good.

I thought the same about Tower Heist. It was okay but nothing great.