Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend Movies

So this long weekend has been amazing.  What did I do? Well, really nothing.....I mean a few things here an there but this post is more so about the movies we watched.  I don't really do the whole "going to the movies" thing so Redbox is the most amazing thing ever, really how do you beat 1.50ish for a movie??

Anyways so what did we watch?

The Sitter:

This movie was kind of what I expected and then also nothing what I expected.  It was funny, somewhat touching, it had a few life lessons, and over all was not that bad.  If you are looking for something funny to watch with your friends that you really don't have to try to hard to keep up with I recommend this movie. If you are looking for a good family friendly movie, something with some depth, or a cute romantic comedy, I don't recommend this movie.  This is basically just a mindless, cheep joke, little boy comedy.....that I laughed all the way through.


This movie was ok.  There was action but not nearly as much as I thought there would be.  The plot was pretty simple but had a good twist at the end.  There were moments I was in suspens, and there were moments I was thinking that noone could ever get away with that.

In short the main character (Chris) has a cute little family and is getting his life on the right path.  His brother in law on the other hand has step in to the life Chris was trying to leave behind.  Things go south for the brother in law and Chris has to step in before he gets killed and fix the situation with one last run.  He plans on just running a few counterfit bills however that isn't what the "bad guys" want or all he ends up coming back with.

In the end it kind of goes to show that you can not trust anyone, almost everyone in this movie had a different motive and was not who they seemed.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (American Version)

I read the book and I have now seen both the origonal movie with the English dub over and now I have seen the "American" vierson.  Umm well all 3 were pretty much the same, I am not sure why I thouht the new one would be any different but I wanted to check it out.  The book was good, long, and kind of desterbing.  The movies were kind of the same.  If I had to pick one I liked better I don't know if I could.  I like the femail main charater in the origonal movie better than the new one.  I like the flash backs better in the new one.  Sadly really I didn't love either of them though.

One For The Money

Umm I really wanted to like this movie but I just found the acting not so great.  Oddly I loved the grandmother in the movie and I would have to say she was my favorite.  The story was cute but I really just really didn't find it as amazing as I wanted to.  There is really not much else to say if you have seen the previews you pretty much have seen the story line, and the way they end it is just not believeable, well for me anyways. Cute movie I was just hoping for more.

So thank you Redbox for being so cheep and entertainnig.  You keep me from going to the movies and spending money I really just don't have on movies that just aren't that great.  Good but not great.

Out of all of these I would have to say that The Sitter, and Contraband were the best.

What are you watching?

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